Aquarius Daily Horoscope – Monday 23

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There's almost always a big difference between what we believe we need and what we truly need. If we ask for something, then it's usually because we're certain we want it. However, getting something we didn't expect can result in us failing to see how what we've been given is something we need, even if we're unaware of this. Be careful what you ask for now. You're likely to be given what you need instead of what you want. In time, you'll accept how unhelpful your 'want' was! How do you relate to people around you? Your personality and unique potential revealed.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 April
Lines of communication between you and a certain person are reopened gloriously this week. If you've been on tenterhooks waiting for a response or for someone to take the initiative and contact you, then you look set to feel more reassured and relieved shortly. Other good news involves Venus influencing all things romantic and creative from this week until May 19. Affairs of the heart look set to become more harmonious – and much more promising!

Monthly Horoscope for April
Mercury's backward motion will likely affect communication on all levels. It might be increasingly clear that decisions, commitments or certain arrangements simply won't proceed regardless of how hard you push them. However, try to see how you're given a chance to reassess your position and make one or tweaks to plans that can bring a better result. You could be glad to have had the chance to do this once Mercury awakens on April 15. Amazingly, this coincides with a brilliant New Moon influencing communications. If it has been some time since you experienced a Eureka Moment, then you can expect one at this time! The month ends with a Full Moon influencing your career and status. Embrace the chance to shine professionally that this offers!
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