Aquarius Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 15

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Should you trust a hunch? In truth, we don't trust hunches enough. They're often borne from our inner voice pleading with us to listen to it, but we often choose to disregard it. That's not to say every inkling we experience is one hundred percent accurate. However, we can, at times, misinterpret its message and then kick ourselves for having done so. A hunch you might be aware of now is one that is very much worth investing some faith in. Do you want understand more about your love-life?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 11 October
We live on a planet that spins at about 1000 miles per hour and hurtles through space at about 67,000 miles per hour. There's proof if it were needed that nothing truly stands still on planet Earth. This notion could come in handy for you this week, especially if you fear that something is destined to remain the same forever. Once you start to see proof of something moving forward, don't suddenly question whether a comfort zone is worth removing yourself from. There might be brief discomfort as a tiring or predictable situation shifts, but any discomfort is likely to be a small price to pay for the reassurance you could feel regarding the way you have wanted to see something change finally changing. What alters subtly could do so dramatically in a short space of time. However, be assured that whatever is changing is doing so properly.

Monthly Horoscope for October
We all create and enjoy comfort zones, and these can be as mental as they are physical. There can be something unusually comfortable about creating reasons not to take risks or necessary action, and rigid mindsets can set in. These add the essential fuel to complacency. This month, you could be aware of how easy it has been in recent months to do nothing in an area of your world rather than take the initiative and see what a bit of effort brings. You've had enough time to assess an idea or plan. It's now necessary to push aside fear attached to taking steps to turn it from a vision into something that is not only real but can also bring a wave of comfort from the pride you feel at having finally risen to a challenge.
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