Aquarius Daily Horoscope – Saturday 23

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Handling something delicately takes patience and skill. If we're aware something is fragile, then we consciously or unconsciously put one or two safeguards in place should we inadvertently drop it! Where some situations are concerned, if we know they also require careful handling, then we rarely struggle with coming up with an ideal way to do so. Trust that your idea of the best way to handle a sensitive situation in your world is right. Discover important opportunities personal to you in the coming 12 months. Try for free.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 June
This week, Mars hibernates your sign. Even though you won't benefit from the influence of the planet of action, drive and motivation in ways you have done since mid-May, you will likely become increasingly aware of where a comfort zone exists in your world and the need to put a plan in place to remove yourself from it. You have two months to get this and other plans finalized, even when you feel as if your ambition, motivation, and overall energy have nosedived. This 'down time' is essential for you to recalibrate your life's direction. Welcome, it. Don't resent it.

Monthly Horoscope for June
We've all seen or been involved in races where someone starts off before a starting pistol sounds. This usually involves getting back in place and waiting for another chance to start the race properly. You might feel your life is subject to such annoying starts or stops, especially until the end of June when plans that were ticking along fine come to a virtual standstill for no apparent reason. There is a reason, and it involves energy and motivation planet Mars commencing a two-month slumber in your sign. When Mars is weakened, we feel weakened, and you might sense your ambition, motivation, and overall energy have nosedived. However, try to see the plus points to this. To embark upon goals related to the next phase of your life, you must take some quiet time to get your ducks in a row. This 'down time' is to be appreciated, not resented.
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