Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – Monday 25

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You have fantastic Mars/Pluto energy to focus on a significant goal that has been on your "one day, I'll do it" list. Well, that day appears to have arrived! Although you're capable of bringing this important vision to fruition, you have help from someone or others if needed. Hearing yourself explain what fires you up to others could add a hefty dose of momentum to your plan or plans, too. What are you capable of achieving?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 September
There is certainly truth in the old saying about how we tend to regret what we didn't do in life more than what we did. As a Sagittarian, you're probably more open-minded or receptive to out-of-the-blue opportunities or embarking upon spontaneous adventures. That puts you in a better position than most to accept opportunities, challenges and possibly invitations that come your way this week. The universe supports these, which makes them worth seizing!

Monthly Horoscope for September
“Work to live, don't live to work.” This month, it's in your best interests to get a piece of paper, pen and make a sign with those words and put it in a prominent, visible place! One of your many admirable and impressive traits - your ability to throw yourself into anything that captures your imagination - could be a disbenefit during September. You know what all work and no play did to someone named Jack, don't you? While you're at it, make a sign with that old proverb on it, too!
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