Scorpio Daily Horoscope – Thursday 20

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The last thing we want is an insensitive or unhelpful response from someone regarding what we see as serious or urgent. We know we have work to do to help them see the importance or significance of whatever-it-is. But before you interpret someone's response as unsupportive, it could actually offer a helpful observation. Somebody's perception of what you believe to be an issue is worth listening to. What's your earning potential? Discover the the circumstances that shape your earning power with a Career Analysis.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 January
Since August, Uranus has taken a keen interest in your partnerships and romantic connections. You've been encouraged to question the 'conventional definition' of relationships as it moved backward. As it moves forward, you have a new vision of what a partnership should look like – and this might involve how you can feel free and committed at the same time. Also, a Full Moon shifts your focus to goals and ambitions. The future regarding both is about to become clearer!

Monthly Horoscope for January
The universe appears determined to stimulate your mind and increase the flow of communication as 2022 begins. A New Moon on the 2nd affects how you think, process, and convey information. So, keep your mind open and receptive to data coming your way because some of it will be mind broadening or mind-blowing! But the theme of mind-altering continues with a Full Moon on the 17th that encourages you to assess attitudes or beliefs and release those that no longer serve you. If making thoughts and feelings clear to others or someone, in particular, is important, you couldn't want better cosmic support!
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