Cancer Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 26

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Today's Sun-Moon connection could push a partnership idling in neutral into top gear. This could happen with surprisingly less effort than you anticipated would be needed, too. But it's worth asking yourself why you may have been extra cautious before someone asks you directly. If a “once bitten, twice shy” attitude kicked in, look at how and why you can afford to be more trusting now. Do you change to accommodate the relationship itself rather than remain two separate individuals? Discover how to successfully develop as a couple.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 September
Do we buy anything from a salesperson who clearly doesn't care about what we need or helping us? Rarely. That's why I believe Cancerians like your good self make the best salespeople. You possess impressive levels of empathy and are proof that enthusiasm sells! This week, your charm and personal magnetism are off the scale. You could probably persuade anyone of just about anything. But do be selective about where you focus this superpower.

Monthly Horoscope for September
This month, you're encouraged to reassess priorities. Taking the time to ponder what and who deserves the most attention and effort could be revealing. You might discover certain obligations or responsibilities have become more habitual than necessary. You might also find that these have become balls and chains around your ankle that you've grown used to polishing! By releasing yourself, you significantly reduce pressure you may have unfairly grown used to.
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