Life Stages – Heads up for next 12 Months

Understand the different stages of your development as a person. View Life Stages Sample

What stimulates certain activity at specific times with regards to…

Your Self-Expression, emotions and sensitivities

Your desirability, motivation and progress

Your limitations, individuality, compassion and powers of persuasion

Discover the areas of understanding you experience during your life…

Personality mask, material security and intellectual ability

Emotional security, enjoyment of life and responsibilities

Relationships, ability to deal with life and philosophical beliefs

Personal status, social life, secret dreams

Experience your life journey in an ordered way, as meaningful and going somewhere...

Make the best of positive events and encounters and lessen negatives ones.  Life Stages alerts you to specific growth areas, or where you best consolidate; where to experiment, where to be cautious; when it’s down to you, or someone else; when to wait, when to go, etc.


20+ pages all about the year ahead!

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