Gemini Daily Horoscope – Sunday 10

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Life throwing curveballs your way? If so, then simply “go with the flow." Stress levels and frustration are manageable when you accept that unexpected changes are a part of life's grand play. The cosmic stagehands may present sudden twists, but fret not - it's not your cue to stress. If it's beyond your control, then either seek help or accept that whatever-it-is isn't your responsibility. Discover more about your career aspirations, with your Career & Ambition Destiny.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 8 December
This week's New Moon is like a director shouting "Action!" with your relationships and partnerships. Single Geminis could experience an unexpected connection in the least likely place. With Lady Luck as your wingman, love might be just a right swipe away! This lunar event wants to turn up the volume with adventure and spontaneity in a relationship – whether romantic or business-related. So, embrace the fresh start on offer with any one-to-one connection.

Monthly Horoscope for December
December brings reminders and revelations. You may be reminded that everyone has an opinion, and many people will offer these even if they're not factual or experience-based. Revelations could surround discovering what you were convinced would be intimidating or 'out of your league' is more manageable and finely tuned to your needs – or ambitions – than you thought. Prepare to involve yourself deeper in what you've looked at dauntingly from a distance.
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