Gemini Daily Horoscope – Thursday 1

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Opportunities of the unusual kind wait to be seized! As the Moon and Saturn connect, take the plunge and learn something far removed from what you might normally consider or pursue. See what intriguing enlightenment comes your way from shifting your focus to cultures or topics you've never explored before. You might be surprised at how keen your interest becomes in something new. Want to help take your study of astrology further? Learn more about your own chart and character it represents? Discover more now!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 25 November
Your ruling planet, Mercury, clashes with dreamy, illusionary Neptune. Mercury is keen to widen communication lines within partnerships or one-to-one connections. But Neptune gets in the way with a fog machine, releasing a haze as thick as pea soup to distort and blur what's discussed – or offered. So, if you're expected to commit yourself or sign on a dotted line, don't! This applies to a career-related offering or proposal, too. Sounds too good to be true? It probably is!

Monthly Horoscope for December
December shouldn't be a month requiring you to look inward, into the shadows and face what scares you. Although the universe doesn't work to Earthly calendars, it does offer a fantastic, far-reaching gift. What you keep concealed from others, even those closest to you, wants to emerge, and the process will probably be gradual. But whether this involves a secret, suppressed feelings or both, emotional beans look set to be spilled.
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