Gemini Daily Horoscope – Thursday 30

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Mars affecting your income forms a helpful link to strict Saturn, influencing your career. So, it's time to get everything in order financially and professionally! The outcome of your efforts could be more significant or far-reaching than you thought, too. Once you make an effort in a new, more disciplined way, you could see how a career ladder doesn't appear to head so high into the clouds. Deal with challenging periods, slow down and take stock when necessary. Find out more with personal Forecaster.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 24 March
Until May 20, the word “security” features prominently. As Mars affects values, valuables and possessions, you could focus more energy on enhancing your material position, particularly finances. The healthier your bank account is, the more secure you'll feel. But don't let Mars impatience get the better of you. In fact, a link between Mars and Saturn this week could confirm the importance of patience with opening a career-related door that has been shut until now.

Monthly Horoscope for March
March is an extremely important month as you're helped to be the captain of your destiny. You're about to experience a professional era that promises rewards if you knuckle down to make career progress with integrity. Until 2026, karma planet Saturn pushes you to focus more intently and seriously on your ambitions and career path. What you learn from this month onward will put you in an extremely advantageous position once Saturn's work is done!
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