Pisces Daily Horoscope – Thursday 20

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Somehow, in some way, it's a case of not 'knowing' unless you 'try.' But the image you may have set in your mind about an outcome could be more accurate than you think. That's why you may need to be more careful about what you wish for now! Whatever you tackle or embark upon now with sincerity and unwavering faith is unlikely to disappoint. Keep trusting that vision! How can you develop more understanding of your personal status, social life and secret dreams? Discover how!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 January
Since August, Uranus has challenged conventional conversation methods. Conveying yourself may have involved new technologies, such as social media. As Uranus moves forward, you're helped to apply lessons learned to remove communication blocks and develop more effective and comfortable ways to release thoughts and visions. You also have a Full Moon affecting your desire for fun, lightheartedness, and the joys of life. But this also brings emotional intensities, so something you or someone close have concealed could emerge.

Monthly Horoscope for January
Chances are, you're probably one of the most loyal friends that any pal could want. But as 2022 commences, a strong focus exists on forming, strengthening, and possibly releasing certain friendships or alliances. This is supported further by backward-moving Venus affecting your connection with chums and the social scene. You're encouraged to assess who reciprocates your friendly efforts and adds meaning to your world. Yes, one or two friendships may fall by the wayside. But you look set to form new connections with individuals who share your visions and goals.
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