Pisces Daily Horoscope – Thursday 1

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As the Moon and Saturn embrace, you can tune in to something exceptional! You're helped to see an ambitious challenge in a new, more realistic light. It could appear more achievable or within reach than it has done, which is, of course, great news. But you'll also gain a more realistic view of what you need to give effort-wise to bring this vision to fruition. It might sound dramatic, but this Eureka Moment could be life-changing! Use your own personal forecaster to make important plans.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 25 November
Mental Mercury could come up with many ideas to boost your ambition or take career-related steps. But Mercury connects with dreamy Neptune in your sign, and Neptune feels most comfortable in La La Land. So, where important ambitions and professional progress are concerned, be aware that you deal with hazy energy and illusions. By all means, be inspired by fantasies. But separate those that are ridiculous from those that may actually have potential.

Monthly Horoscope for December
Thankfully, the universe gets home or family-related tension out of the way before the festivities start. A Full Moon on the 7th heightens emotions within your abode and clan. But the Moon links with Mars, determined to increase tension and create confrontation. Of course, Mars can't have it all its way. You can decide how much negative energy you bring and are prepared to absorb from others. But it is possible domestic air will be cleared. Once done, healing is the next stage.
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