Libra Daily Horoscope – Saturday 25

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Any journey to success involves going from Point A to Point B. Yet, we can be intimidated by twists, challenges, and obstacles en route. Sure, we may encounter disappointments along the way, too. But instead of applying too much focus to what you sense will be exhausting or discouraging, focus instead on taking that first critical step. There's a strong psychological advantage to doing so now. Opportunities are all around us but we sometimes fail to spot them.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 24 September
Mischievous Mercury goes backward in your sign until October 18. There are plus points to this. However, it could be easy to focus on the not-so-plus points. Back up electronic data frequently. Accept that printed and electronic communication could vanish into the ether. But you have a fantastic opportunity to look inward and reassess how you see yourself and want others to see you. It's possible that a 'new you' could present itself to the world during the coming weeks.

Monthly Horoscope for September
During the first two weeks, your ruling planet Venus urges you to explore potential to boost your income. It could be a case of 'ask, and you shall receive.' But from the 14th, energetic and ambitious Mars enters your sign until the end of October. Thinking time is over, and you could feel your life shifts from first to top gear. But remember that what you might see as 'positively determined,' others might see as impatient, aggressive, or maybe even reckless at times.
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