Aries Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 29

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A confidence boost could be welcome but may need to be handled with care. Adopting a 'hang the consequences' attitude or approach might not be appropriate for a risk you're considering. Yes, there is truth in the old sayings, 'nothing ventured, nothing gained,' 'carpe diem', etcetera, etcetera. But be honest about how emotions may override logic unhelpfully now. How do you know the best time to make important decisions? Find out how!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 24 June
This week, there could be a connection between career-related or professional progress and an improvement you've wanted to bring to your home or domestic setup. What has felt uncertain or been a source of insecurity could help you feel more decisive and inspired, now that security comes from elsewhere. With your emotional foundations becoming stronger, you might feel the time has come to take a plunge in another particular way, too.

Monthly Horoscope for June
Sherlock Holmes was, of course, a fictitious character. So, stories ensured he always came up with ingenious observations and answers. This month, your detective abilities come in handy. But rather than put on a deerstalker hat and walk around with a pipe, you're encouraged to look inward at self-created obstacles to pleasure and success. That's how you'll face a fear and make sense of what may have felt senseless recently. What you discover could be invaluable.
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