Taurus Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 26

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Invitations could arrive in batches. However, while being in demand is flattering, be selective about who receives your loyal, undivided attention. You could want to be in the company of someone or others who stimulate your sense of adventure rather than those who play it safe and have run-of-the-mill topics to offer. Like minds attract, Taurus and anyone who truly inspires you deserves your time. How do you re-discover your assertiveness, attitudes and characteristics from your childhood? See how now!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 September
You have an impressive, natural ability to find or create fun, attract wealth and possess creativity that's often overlooked. But there are times when your grounded, practical vibe and intense desire to create and maintain stability and predictability make each of these qualities difficult to spot. This week, somebody wants to see you let your hair down and release your fun side. So go on, indulge them!

Monthly Horoscope for September
Everyone in their time has experienced an uncomfortable sofa. Eventually, it's possible to find the sweet spot between worn-out springs that offers something resembling comfort. But it's interesting how comfortable we become with discomfort! This month, you're able to put yourself in a position that not only brings greater satisfaction but highlights what you have unfairly and unnecessarily tolerated. You no longer have to stoically put up with something intolerable.
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