Virgo Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 26

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Your mental cup runs over with big ideas as the Sun in your sign connects with the Moon. Creativity and ingenuity work in wonderful tandem, so make today all about brainstorming, even if you don't come up with something 100% tangible to proceed with. This is a time to have faith in your mind's creations and see them as seeds that want to become something impressive. What are your real talents, creative skills and financial abilities?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 September
Get ready to inject fresh energy into your world, Virgo! Even if you haven't got plans in the pipeline that involve broadening your mind, travel or anything adventurous, you could feel inspired to create some. But in the unlikely event you're unsure about how to bring more spontaneity or an adrenaline surge to your world, look to your friends or social circles for inspiration. Something they did that was fun and memorable could be right up your alley!

Monthly Horoscope for September
There may be an easily countable number of weeks left in 2023, but the year is far from over! With the Sun in your sign for most of September, you're in an exceptional position to take the proverbial reins, put yourself in the “driver's seat” and reassure yourself and others of how in control of certain circumstances you are. It will likely become clear that action must replace thinking in the coming weeks. But I think you'll welcome how activity finally replaces inactivity.
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