Leo Daily Horoscope – Thursday 20

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A swift but sensible decision may need to be made. But don't be concerned that the action you take might appear as if little or no thought has been given. You've likely weighed up particular possibilities and assessed various options for some time. If your heart tells you that now is an ideal time to make a move or take a certain step, then trust it, regardless of input that might come from others. Are you close to something life-changing? A personalized astrological report is what you need to bring you up to speed!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 January
Since August, backward Uranus encouraged you to assess whether you're happy with your professional trajectory. As Uranus moves forward, you could be ready to make a surprising change that you feel is more aligned with your life path. This might help you future-proof your career, too. You also have a Full Moon alerting you to what you've put on hold during the past year. You're awakened to what has held you back – and vivid dreams could offer insights!

Monthly Horoscope for January
Millions of people promise to start a new year healthily or with a work-related change. This month, you look set to follow through with any resolutions in both areas. A New Moon on the 2nd offers a fresh start with work or health-related matters. The universe is on your side to help you find a new job or get a diet and fitness regime underway that you're likely to enjoy and stick to. But the coming weeks also offer inspiring potential to focus on your well-being generally and take better care of yourself. Nothing stops you from ensuring 2022 is the year you glow even more on the inside and outside!
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