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The Moon and strict Saturn unite, bringing a vibe of realism to your relationships, or maybe one in particular. But when you get the Moon and Saturn doing this celestial tug of war, you have sensitivity and caring on one side battling with coldness, responsibility and discipline. But these are qualities you might need to balance with one-to-one connections. Do you veer too far on one side of 'the rope'? What is the underlying ambition that drives your career? A Career Analysis will help you disover your true career path.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 25 November
Mercury could bring an influx of ideas related to routines, habits and self-improvement. But Mercury clashes with dreamy Neptune, making the most straightforward tasks confusing and challenging. With Neptune influencing deep sharing, avoid trying to get to the heart of a serious matter because all is probably not as it appears to be. You can't strip away what is distracting or superfluous until you have facts. It may be next week before they arrive.

Monthly Horoscope for December
This month, you're bound to see opportunities to feel more professionally secure. The universe takes a keen interest in your career, offering a helpful nudge to explore a new avenue or move more quickly up a career ladder. Venus influences work from the 9th and could help sweeten deals in more than one way. A New Moon affecting your service to others on the 23rd provides a fresh start or clean slate, too. Might a previous job be worth exploring? After the 29th, it could be!
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