Leo Daily Horoscope – Saturday 25

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Leonardo da Vinci may have ripped his first attempt to paint the Mona Lisa. Of course, we know masterpieces rarely manifest the first time around! But if your initial attempt in a particular area appears unsuccessful, don't give up your plan. It is too important and offers significant potential. Instead, tweak what needs tweaking and carry on. Don't see failure as an option! Might you be missing important opportunities? Identify the right time to handle a change of relationship, job or home.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 24 September
You can be certain a mental filter will come in handy from this week until October 18. Mindful Mercury moves backward in ways likely to scramble thoughts and communication. Don't be surprised to discover that what your head wants to say turns out to be very different from what your mouth produces from this week onward. But slowing down one or two thought processes could help you think things through without doing something that may have been done hastily.

Monthly Horoscope for September
Events this month could undoubtedly boost your income or bring a clean slate financially. A New Moon on the 6th targets earned income and marks a new beginning earnings-wise. In addition, Uranus brings an unexpected link to your career. The Full Moon on the 20th could help you wave goodbye to a debt you've carried, too. But guard against assertiveness and barbs affecting your communication. 'Say it as you see it' but not in ways that mean you'll be offering apologies later.
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