Leo Daily Horoscope – Monday 25

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Your communication skills could be sharper than a sharp thing from Sharp Land, Leo! You could impress any audience and win them over, whether you're trying to persuade someone to join your gang or want anyone's approval. What you say is 100% authentic, and there won't be any hint of embellishment. But honesty blended with enthusiasm is what makes you so persuasive! Find out about your horoscope, based on your time, date and place of birth, with our Personal Outlook reading, available for instant download.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 September
It's well-known that Leos, like your good self, tend to enjoy being in control. That doesn't make you manipulative, far from it. But in the same way a lion looks out for its pride, your natural protective instincts can often detect what's best for others. This week, you could excel at rising to a challenge that not only allows you to control a situation but keep it in calm, manageable territory. Your confidence and fearlessness could save the day on more than one occasion.

Monthly Horoscope for September
This month, be careful what you wish for. You could want something only because you've wanted it for some time and may have forgotten why! So, see Venus in your sign as a wish-granting genie and remind yourself that once he emerges from his lantern, you can't stuff him back inside. During September, you have a chance to attain something you've long wanted. Make sure it's as relevant and necessary now as you believed it to be in the past.
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