Aquarius Daily Horoscope – Thursday 20

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There's much you could teach others about thinking outside the proverbial box more often. You probably have a track record of success that confirms why this attitude or approach works, too. But it's worth asking yourself if a desire for change or to do something differently is due to boredom or serves a beneficial purpose. Don't suppress your innovative thinking. But don't fuel it with impatience, either! Discover important astrological events. Can you make the most of them?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 January
Since August, Uranus has encouraged more daringness and experimentation with your traditional view of 'home.' You've been helped to trust your intuition to adopt new perspectives toward domesticity, family connections, and new places. As Uranus moves forward, it's time to assess your roots, clan and decide if changes are needed. You also have a Full Moon affecting work, health, and fitness goals. If a new year's resolution involved breaking a bad habit, this is the week to do it!

Monthly Horoscope for January
This month, the most planetary activity affecting you occurs behind the scenes. In other words, planets are assembling similarly to the cast and crew of a musical production before curtains open. A New Moon on the 2nd affects your need for detachment, isolation, and contemplation. With backward-moving Venus also affecting these areas, you may need time on your own to focus on unresolved issues in your world. But this is all in aid of helping you look inward and heal emotional wounds or overcome upsetting episodes from your past in order to be stronger and more confident.
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