Aquarius Daily Horoscope – Monday 14

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Your focus could shift to the most important people in your world or one in particular. Whether your relationship is platonic, romantic, or professional, you could bring a noticeable wave of warmth and generosity to any special bond. If there's somebody you've lost contact with in a creative capacity recently, then it might not be difficult to revive a shared project or get a new one underway. Do you want to improve your decision making? Have a clearer idea about possible outcomes? Discover what the planets have in store for you.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 11 June
You're required this week to apply some outside-the-box thinking. I suspect that, to an Aquarian like your good self, that's like Gordon Ramsay hearing he's challenged to come up with a unique, exquisite dish. Perhaps, it's on par with asking Elton John if he has a piano-based composition he'd like to share with the world. But in both instances, creativity is involved with manifesting something unique. As Venus links with Uranus, that's something you can succeed - admirably - with doing, too!

Monthly Horoscope for June
A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th affects creativity and self-expression. News related to a baby or child could arrive. Try to draw deeply from a creative talent or skill that has lain dormant or deserves to be taken to a new level, too. Mars influences partnerships and commitments from the 11th until the end of July. This could be libido-enhancing and satisfying on one level but confrontational or aggressive on another. You may need to make a concerted effort to harness this intensely passionate energy positively and pleasurably!
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