Aquarius Daily Horoscope – Monday 25

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Here comes another reminder that perfection is an illusion. You could have reasons to believe that getting a plan underway can only happen once you sense conditions are 100% ideal. But that time is unlikely to arrive, and doing something is better than doing nothing. If at first you don't succeed, hey, don't let that stop you. You'll have found one way that doesn't “work.” Other options await. Do you want know your childs potential in life? Get confirmation of a childs most distinctive characteristics and abilities.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 September
This week, you'll likely be aware of how communication takes on new levels of depth or moves into more interesting territory. However, as much as you may welcome this, it could also create defensiveness and cautiousness on your part. If you sense any change conceals a hidden motive or agenda, push such thoughts aside. Your interactions with someone or others change for good reasons, and it's important to embrace what alters rather than question or resist it.

Monthly Horoscope for September
“I can't hear myself think!” We know what someone means when they say those words. Noisy distractions prevent them from thinking clearly or make it difficult to spot an answer or a solution waiting to be discovered. This month, you experience timely and well-deserved clarity. But you will need to push aside one or two matters that have been more superfluous and distracting than helpful. During the coming weeks, see how a way forward with a tricky dilemma presents itself.
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