Capricorn Daily Horoscope – Monday 14

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You might not be able to pinpoint why your world feels more intense at this time. But this could be one of those days when it's best to take it hour by hour and decide what does and doesn't remain close to your chest. If a secretive or private vibe feels more comfortable, then go with it. Any interactions that go beyond what you're willing to do won't help reduce any intensity. Each Planet changes House at regular intervals. Find out when this happens and how this might affect you.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 11 June
This week brings a tense link between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn wants you to cling to something familiar. Uranus believes this has outlived its usefulness, and space is needed for something better. As optimistic and excited as you might be about this, you could have reasons to be dragged kicking and screaming from what you should let go of. But what's occurring isn't a coincidence. You can trust that what's coming will be a noticeable improvement, too.

Monthly Horoscope for June
A New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 10th could create a work-related decision or dilemma and bring a powerful fresh start to what you do daily. A diet or fitness regime started at this time could yield impressive results, too. You then have a Full Moon in your sign on the 24th that's unlikely to go unnoticed. It's the Sun affecting relationships and commitments that could play a big part in emotions running high. There may be no more' beating around the bush' with someone, either.
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