Capricorn Daily Horoscope – Thursday 1

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Your connection with money receives a strict review courtesy of Saturn and the Moon. They unite to help you gain a firmer understanding of what material stability and security mean to you – and steps you can take to enhance or increase both. Strict, disciplined Saturn basks in the Moon's glow – and your cosmic mission involves accepting how you can be more stringent or disciplined with cash. Can you spot opportunities? Personal Predictor let's you.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 25 November
If you've wondered if you have spoken an alien language to others recently, progress can be made this week. It's time to use your noggin to come up with more imaginative ways to convey or express yourself. The universe is on your side to help spot less traditional methods. But don't get too weird, wacky or unusual with your efforts. Adopting a different approach too vehemently could confuse even more those who have shown themselves to be easily confused already.

Monthly Horoscope for December
When we say 'enough is enough,' it's not always for negative reasons. The words coincide with accepting something has become untenable or must change. This month, you might say those words, particularly concerning a routine, habit or your service to others. But what the Full Moon on the 7th brings to light will hardly be a complete shock or surprise. A chapter connected with what you do daily is about to end. You're right to sense something better replaces it.
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