Capricorn Daily Horoscope – Monday 25

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Your thoughts could be more than fired-up whims. In fact, if you give them the attention they deserve, you could see they're worth their weight in gold. But to really see how valuable they are, you'll need to take an ambitious step in a particular direction. Your mind's creations could be awesome and hold massive potential, but action needs to replace thinking. Just a small, heartfelt step could be pivotal. Are astrological events going to affect your chart? Find out with Predictor.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 September
Everybody wants to feel needed. However, when too many demands are made on our time, we become aware of the truth in the old saying about being unable to please everyone all the time! This week, you could be in demand by others and possibly someone in particular. It may be your natural sense of grounding and practicality that is sought after. Regardless of how busy your diary might be, set aside time this week for anyone who needs you.

Monthly Horoscope for September
There's something pictorial about the words “daily grind.” We imagine weary slaves pushing a massive millstone. But what about what you do daily? More importantly, what must change? This is something you're encouraged to consider this month. What have you had enough of? Where did a particular spirit “fly” long ago? I must stress that hasty action mustn't replace thinking. But you could come up with new, inspiring and exciting ideas that can become solid plans soon.
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