Aries Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 7

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Our happiness and certain freedoms can rely upon others' cooperation or support. We need someone to agree to help with 'this.' Or we need someone else to play their part with 'that.' But it could become clear that you can – and perhaps should – be less reliant upon someone. The good news is, it's time to exert your independence in a necessary - and possibly - new way. Discover the secrets of real passion and a better relationship.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 3 July
If there's one thing people in positions of authority need in their life, it's plenty of agreeable people. Those in positions of power need to know that what they say, 'goes,' and that others will simply nod and comply. As Mars links with Saturn this week, you could be reminded of how taking orders or accepting restrictions doesn't sit well with you. You and I know that you're wired to be defensive or confrontational at times. But it's in your best interests to ensure that somebody doesn't see that side of you.

Monthly Horoscope for July
Although you won't juggle in a literal sense, you could proverbially to create a balance between your home and work circumstances. Complications could arise when a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th shifts your attention to something manifesting on the professional front. But if you need more support than you're receiving, then don't hesitate to ask for it. It could be time to enlighten others about how much responsibility you're shouldering. Unless you speak up, they may never know.
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