Aries Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 18

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If it has been some time since you gave proper focus to your emotional well-being or indulged in some self-care or self-love, then the cosmos fully supports doing so now. Think about what would bring a smile to your face or gladden your heart and then make creating create a plan to achieve or experience it a priority. Doing what inspires, motivates, excites, or even thrills you is far from selfish if it lifts your spirits or revives your mojo! What are your real talents, creative skills and financial abilities?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 June
This week, it's important you push aside any stubborn qualities and abandon a fixed idea you may have about how something should be done. If you've drawn rigid conclusions regarding how you intend to achieve a particular result, then ignore them because spontaneity and unpredictability that are about to permeate your world are bound to work much better for you. Both could bring pleasing results with a plan or idea you appear to be embarking upon. As a certain process commences, it's important that you don't become despondent by the fact that you're at an early stage with it. Everything wonderful must start at the very beginning and what you're putting in place now could be something you have dreamt of initiating.

Monthly Horoscope for June
Protesters often chant something universally-accepted that states not only what they want but makes clear that they want it now. As an Aries, you're probably used to setting ambitious targets and turning them into something tangible in less time than most other people could. However, this month, it's important that you resist any tendency to rush a certain process, especially if this involves wanting proof of its viability or feasibility. Taking sensible, surefooted and gradual steps will bring a much more pleasing and far-reaching result.
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