Aries Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 22

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Must you give considerable thought to doing something – or might there be a benefit to ignoring a perceived need for everything to be 'just so' and taking a bold step? Sometimes, the more we assess a situation from every possible angle, the more likely we are to create reasons to delay what we know we must do. Something positive awaits by ignoring a need to be extra cautious now. Is life cosmically ordered? Make best use of the positive encounters, and lessen the negative ones.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 17 January
Events this week could bring a profound change of heart on your part. A vision or aspiration that might have meant much to you at one time may be subjected to a new level of review that enables you to make it better or more appropriate. As Mars links with Jupiter, you look set to release fixed opinions and allow cynicism to be replaced with enthusiasm. You're about to regain motivation and determination that you had at one time and apply both to the idea or plan that inspired you in the past and still holds tremendous potential. Prepare to experience a wave of fresh energy and commitment that can start moving something in the right direction, once again.

Monthly Horoscope for January
Are you familiar with the saying, 'despite what happens today, you will continue to do tomorrow what you did yesterday'? It's not as complicated as it sounds. It's another way of saying that we can all become stuck in comfort zones, oblivious to how deep they are and repetitive our lives become when we stick with what's familiar rather than take a bold step in a particular direction. This month, you could experience brief discomfort by removing yourself from a deeply-entrenched source of comfort. However, the prize on offer by taking a bold step into the unknown will undoubtedly make it worth taking!
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