Aries Daily Horoscope – Monday 19

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Your motivation levels could feel amped up, so seize a chance to focus these where necessary. If a certain area of your world has fallen short of expectations recently, then see what summoning a bit more effort or determination can bring. It could also become clear that one or two others aren't as integral to certain plans as you believed them to be, either. If going solo is more appealing, then so be it. Each Planet changes House at regular intervals. Find out when this happens and how this might affect you.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 August
You're blessed this week with an ability to strip away anything superfluous with your communication and convey yourself with crystal clarity. If you sense a need to open up or seek comfort or healing yourself from a loved one or partner, then you could find that adopting a more open and flexible mind toward any suppressed issue helps you see it in a more realistic perspective. You have a chance during coming days to bring and receive comfort and reassurance on offer from open, authentic, and heartfelt communication. Play the helpful part you can in making this happen, and you could have your heart touched by the responses you receive.

Monthly Horoscope for August
How does that saying go about putting 'business' before 'pleasure'? This month, you get to do it the other way around! The first half of August is all about fun, recreation, and whatever or whoever makes your heart beat faster. You could have so many opportunities to feel smitten and enjoy the finer things in life that you might not know which to choose. From August 18, the focus shifts dramatically to work-related matters and daily routines. You can expect the pace to pick up significantly with both, too. Anybody who thinks they're going to outshine you in a professional capacity is in for a shock.
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