Aries Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 1

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Even if it feels as if something is progressing or unfolding at a painfully slow pace, you can be certain that momentum will pick up shortly. If anything, you have a chance to use this 'calm before the storm' to focus your efforts and become clearer about what you will do when the pace quickens. Enjoy this respite - because it looks set to be brief! Is your relationship a true success? Find the best way to keep your love alive and behave towards one another.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 27 March
This week, as Mars links with Saturn, you have a chance to apply 'structured effort.' Success bodes well, too. However, your chances of achieving it are increased significantly by ensuring that the effort or passion you apply to a particular goal is made positively and constructively. You can put in place a plan to achieve something close to your heart, but it will need a genuine and heartfelt burst of passionate determination to get it across the finish line. Be clear in your mind about what you want to achieve and make sure that you've thought through carefully the steps required to achieve whatever-it-is. Then, pursue it with all your heart.

Monthly Horoscope for April
If you feel pushed in more than one way during April, then this is something to cooperate with rather than resist. There could be considerable focus on long-overdue conversations. Some might be more profound or tenser than you anticipated or would prefer, too. But a new level of openness between you and others helps compromises to be reached - and bridges to be built. Remember that a bit of tension might be a helpful catalyst for both.
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