Cancer Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 28

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If someone says they couldn't care less about what anyone thinks of them, then that person's not truthful. Sure, they might be unconcerned about who they shock or offend. But everyone, at some point, wants to feel reassured they're listened to. Getting people's backs up makes that considerably more difficult. It might not be easy to be open-minded and receptive to somebody's blunt viewpoint. But dig deep for the strength to do so. They might learn something from you about courtesy. Do you want to improve your decision making? Have a clearer idea about possible outcomes? Discover what the planets have in store for you.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 23 October
This week's link between the Sun and Mercury could be intense. But it could also be helpful and extremely insightful, depending on how open-minded you're prepared to be. You could find your confidence is boosted, and a sensitive matter that has appeared complicated or problematic suddenly seems more straightforward. But, in addition to reassuring and razor-sharp clarity, you're also blessed with a helpful and timely boost of energy. If you needed courage or strength to take a particular step, then you may not struggle to find either or both this week.

Monthly Horoscope for October
A Full Moon on the 1st could bring a wave of emotions to an ambitious plan or your career. A new chapter commencing could involve walking away from a professional commitment. It could also mark the start of a new career path. But the coming weeks are likely to shift your focus noticeably to how satisfied or reassured you are that you're pursuing your 'true calling' in life. You may need to accept that more effort is required on your part to feel more satisfied professionally. But a new direction could beckon that makes better use of your time, efforts, and talents.
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