Cancer Daily Horoscope – Thursday 16

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It might feel as if a 'push' is becoming more of a 'shove' in some way. As keen as you might be to cling to what's familiar, there's no denying you're being removed from a certain comfort zone. Fortunately, this is happening gradually, but that could still make adjusting to the change a bit awkward. Do your best to ensure fear doesn't form any part of what's unfolding now. You'll cope - and adjust admirably - to what's being transformed. Soon, you'll likely be grateful for it. Relationship dilema, have you got a true Soul Mate in your midst ? Try for free.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 10 August
If you're not already aware of how a particular weight has been removed from your shoulders, then events this week and possibly beyond could make this clear. A tense, confusing and potentially draining chapter is closing or is about to close, and there might be a financial connection with this. As a monetary matter become resolved, it will likely bring a need to face a difficult fact. However, being able to finally draw a line under and move on from what has been uncertain or volatile will make up for that.

Monthly Horoscope for August
This is a month when financial matters could be in a state of flux and demand careful handling. However, any money-related matters that arise are unlikely to be more dramatic or time-consuming than what you've had to deal with and resolve in recent months. Fortunately, a Solar Eclipse on the 11th targets your earnings and could either bring an epiphany about how to boost them or a new revenue stream altogether. With Venus influencing your home and family from the 6th until September 9th, your abode or family members could be a delightful source of love and comfort. Family celebrations, closer interactions with family members or making your home more comfortable or colorful will bring a new level of warmth and contentment to your world.
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