Cancer Daily Horoscope – Friday 14

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Impressing someone or winning a particular individual over requires careful handling. If you've found doing either or both to be difficult, then it's possible your approach has been wrong. Don't feel you're wasting time by trying again. Rather than believe someone will be annoyed at your persistence, they might actually admire you for it. Identify what you can achieve,

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 December
Coming events could push you to summon more patience, empathy, and compassion where certain people are concerned than you might be used to summoning. You might also fee frustrated at a lack of control you have over a certain area and the lack of support you seem to be receiving from certain others regarding it. Focus only on what you can achieve or accomplish. Be realistic about your responsibilities and obligations to others. Some people might be quite happy for you to carry their load for them.

Monthly Horoscope for December
If you've felt confused about a love life matter or romantic connection, then the cosmos appears keen to bring a new level of clarity this month. Venus influences true love on December 2, followed by Mercury doing similar on December 6. Both are determined to bring progress to affairs of the heart and help you feel a greater sense of harmony and understanding with a certain special person. The cosmos is also keen to support you career-wise and waiting until after the New Moon on December 7 is wise before taking any bold steps to change jobs or making any work-related decisions. A Full Moon in Cancer on December 22 will undoubtedly heighten emotions. However, a sense of relief that accompanies it could be just as powerful.
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