Cancer Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 1

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If it's quiet recuperation you want, then the Moon influencing solitude can provide it. But to benefit from this, be willing to accept the need to distance or detach yourself from whatever or whoever you're giving intense focus to. The more you remove yourself from any hustle or bustle and allow your subconscious a chance to offer inspiring messages, the more helpful your solo time will be. What are the circumstances that helps or hinders your employment? Find out now!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 27 March
This week, as Mercury forms a slightly tense link with Pluto, you have a situation where the planet that rules communication squares up to the planet that brings things into the open - and sometimes in an uncomfortable or tense way. Pluto influencing your relationships and commitments offers a strong clue about who it is you might have this tense or awkward exchange with, too. But as long as you're prepared to see a seemingly unsatisfactory situation in the right perspective, are resolute about improving it and say what you know needs to be said from the depths of your heart, then you will have nothing to be regretful – or apologetic - about.

Monthly Horoscope for April
This month, be aware of the difference between determination and desperation. You could receive information or a gem of an idea and run with it when a more sensible plan involves walking. A glimmer of hope in a particular area shouldn't be dismissed or ignored. But turning it into something more tangibly reassuring requires patience, not impatience. Whatever encourages you to feel optimistic is real and justified. Make sure you handle it with the care it deserves.
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