Capricorn Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 28

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Sherlock Holmes, although a fictitious character, is famous for saying how, when we eliminate all other factors, what remains must be the truth. But a lesser-known quote is, 'I never guess, it is a shocking habit and destructive to the logical faculty.' In some ways, both sayings mean the same thing. In an area of your world, you're wise to refrain from applying guesswork and stick instead to old-fashioned logic. That, as you'll see, is the most effective way to identify a solution waiting to be found. Solid foundations, essential characteristics, emotional and feeling nature, discover more about how you acquired these facets of your personality.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 23 October
You're confident about what you could achieve in a particular area. But you might also be aware of what's lacking regarding support or resources to get a cherished ambition off the ground. Don't resent how you feel held back or prevented from galloping confidently into the future. Look instead at steps needed to turn a vision into something real or profitable. Wanting something isn't enough to make it happen, and this week's events could mark the start of a 'setting up' process. But what might appear to be one small step could be more of a giant leap than you thought!

Monthly Horoscope for October
Emotions could run high due to a Full Moon on the 1st, influencing your emotional foundations and roots. An unexpected event connected with your home, family, or domestic set-up could touch a sensitive nerve within you. But it could be the New Moon on the 16th that lifts your spirits and boosts your ambitiousness where a professional or career-related aspiration is concerned. Venus and Mercury intend to bring comfort and pleasing developments. Prepare to feel reassured that something on the professional front moves in the right direction.
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