Capricorn Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 1

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Improving your productivity could require you to assess closely the environment in which you work. If it becomes clear that distractions or clutter prevent you from getting through your To-Do List properly and effectively, then you have a chance to address this and make improvements. If you want to shine in others' eyes, then you'll need to bring structure to what is done erratically or chaotically. Can you spot opportunities? Personal Predictor let's you.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 27 March
As Mars links with Saturn, it's likely that you'll be expected to summon as much patience, discipline, and endurance as possible. Whether you're maintaining or regaining control of a volatile situation, negative energy mustn't influence your thoughts and actions. As difficult as it might be during the coming days to smile, count to ten and allow tension to dissipate, you must make a concerted effort to do so. You have a choice regarding how you harness and target anger or even hostility. There are right and wrong ways of doing so. Be guided by your heart's intuition to choose the right way. That, as you will see, involves letting whatever irritates, frustrates or angers you to simply bounce off you. .

Monthly Horoscope for April
The winds of change could become a gale this month. But you needn't worry about that. You're equipped with a vessel that can withstand brutal winds. Even thunder or lightning that form part of this tense scenario are in the far off distance. You know what you want to change and are determined to not only do so but ensure that the result ticks every essential box in your mind. That can happen. But determination mustn't become obsessiveness.
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