Capricorn Daily Horoscope – Monday 19

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We can't always explain or justify feelings. They emerge, and we react in particular ways. There are also times when we know we can change our attitude toward situations we feel unable to alter or do anything else with. Don't be concerned about the appropriateness of what you feel now. You might be dealing with unfamiliar emotions, but that doesn't make them problematic. A small attitude shift could help you to connect helpfully with them. Might you be missing important opportunities? Identify the right time to handle a change of relationship, job or home.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 August
Where forming or strengthening a romantic connection is concerned or you might have ignored or played down a particular creative talent or skill you possess, you could feel pushed out of a comfort zone that you've become accustomed to. What transpires this week could prove to be something you look back on in the future and accept that, had you not been pushed in the way you are, you wouldn't have experienced the heart-warming or inspiring opportunity on offer. Allow any tension you experience to work some magic on your behalf. Without it, you might not take the step you're urged to take.

Monthly Horoscope for August
If you've grown used to counting the pennies to the point where a luxury meal is beans on toast, then your fortunes are about to change this month – literally! Money could come from a surprising source, or take the form of a gift rather than anything earnings-related. You're bound to breathe a sigh of relief, too. You have a Full Moon on the 15th influencing earned income, and should start to feel that the Wolf that has camped outside your door is about to bother someone else. Career-wise, you can shine in a way you haven't done for some time, and your bank balance will be healthier as a result. Go you!
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