Gemini Daily Horoscope – Monday 19

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Even when we feel a plan lacks direction or something we wish was progressing shows no sign of moving forward reassuringly, it helps to remember that the hands of a clock only move forward. We can be oblivious to progress made, and that could be the case in your world at this time. It might be invisible or happening behind the scenes, but it's happening. You'll see that for yourself shortly. Want to help take your study of astrology further? Learn more about your own chart and character it represents? Discover more now!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 August
This week, you're encouraged to make a point, 'sell' an idea or gain somebody's trust or approval in ways that leave them in no doubt about the levels of belief you have in what you say or ask for. There's also every indication you'll be successful, too. However, the one potential downside to all of this surrounds the possibility that you might not know when enough has been said, or it's no longer necessary to apply verbal pressure. Your enthusiasm and the conviction that supports what you say or convey is likely to be impressive and undeniable. Just try to be aware of the point at which it becomes clear that you've been victorious.

Monthly Horoscope for August
The way you communicate or make use of words could be a skill or talent that someone has their eye on. This could lead to a commitment requiring you to sign on a dotted line, and your communicative or writing abilities form the basis of this. From August 18, your home is not only where your heart is but could be where friends and family choose to hang out, and you won't mind one iota!. You could feel motivated to make changes to or within your abode and be drawn toward adding a bit more luxury to your domestic setup. Just keep a careful watch on the expenses involved. They could escalate very quickly.
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