Gemini Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 7

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Be aware - and reassured - that you hold more influence than you might believe you do in some way now. It's perhaps easy to look at what's occurring in the belief that trying to manage it will result only in you wishing you'd left it alone. It might appear unsteerable, but much depends on the outcome you expect. Summon some confidence. Aim high. See what happens. What helps or hinders your earning capacity? Discover income opportunities and challenges with a Career Analysis.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 3 July
If there's one message that Mercury's link with Uranus this week urges you to consider, it's 'don't change a thing.' In other words, while you are undoubtedly experiencing a process of change as well as a significant shift in attitude, all you need to do is roll with what is changing. Don't believe you're in any way indecisive, erratic, or inconsistent. New options are presenting themselves. The really good news is, it's no coincidence that these are arriving at this time.

Monthly Horoscope for July
July is all about creating more security and stability, and particularly in a financial sense. A Lunar Eclipse on the 5th could bring a development that has been building for some time. Allow this to make crystal clear where you stand financially or what your next monetary move must be. A backward-moving Mercury complicates your earnings until the 12th, so it could take until the end of the month before you bring the changes or improvements you need. As for one tiring or draining career-related scenario, you could find that's resolved on or around the 27th, too.
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