Gemini Daily Horoscope – Monday 23

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None of us wants to put obstacles in the way of luck. We might create barricades in other ways but are always receptive to any possibility that luck lurks around a corner and can bring some level of transformation to our lives. Even if you believe luck appears to be favoring others at this time, don't rule out how it's taking a keen interest in you now. It might make a subtle appearance, but that could be enough for you to feel reassured that you haven't been overlooked. Learn how to successfully plan ahead, try your own free personal forecast.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 April
You fellow Gemini, Bob Dylan, believed answers could be found 'blowing in the wind.' Perhaps, if we tried hard enough to listen with an open mind, we might hear a faint solution begging for attention. This week, you could benefit from opening your mind and casting it back to the past to find an answer. Something from your past needs revisiting or re-examining. To make a positive change, simply accept there is something you don't know or know enough about. The answer lies in a past event, and when you identify it, a valuable discovery awaits.

Monthly Horoscope for April
If any relationship or friendship has been strained during the final days of March, then the first two weeks of April could see you being increasingly withdrawn or non-communicative. An issue could also surround what is and isn't someone else's business regarding your personal life, so do your best to be tactful. Try not to let self-consciousness affect a close relationship. The greatest sense of pressure to appear a certain way, say the right words or placate a special person could be coming from within you. Once Venus enters your sign on the 24th, life becomes sunnier and sweeter in every way!
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