Gemini Daily Horoscope – Thursday 18

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It's possible you're absorbing more than you believe to be your fair share of something and there might be a financial angle to this. An assumption appears to exist on the part of more than one person that you'll continue to be supportive as you have been indefinitely. If business and pleasure form any part of this equation, then the time might have arrived to put your foot down. You're likely willing to be supportive but are right to refuse to be taken advantage of. Do you know life happens in cycles? Know when they begin and end.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 12 October
As someone likely to have an impressive way with words, you probably don't take time to think through what you intend to say. Your words often flow effortlessly without any need to rehearse them. This week, you're superbly placed to make a wonderful impression on a particular person. However, this will require, in the first instance, you to be willing to listen more than talk. By doing so, you'll put yourself in a perfect position to gain the essential clues you need to say something that someone wants to hear. Then, you can deliver a message that can't fail to impress.

Monthly Horoscope for October
A weakened Venus affects your work and health during October. This could make your relationship with co-workers, or perhaps one in particular, strained. Either you won't 'feel the love' between you and a work colleague or your work-related efforts are unvalued or unappreciated. Fortunately, October could be a time when you take steps to revive the enthusiastic spark that faded in the workplace. With a New Moon on the 8th influencing love, romance, and creativity, it's likely your enthusiasm toward affairs of the heart will receive a delightful boost. A new romance or news related to a child or a creative project could lift your spirits enormously. A Full Moon on October 24 could highlight plans you've kept concealed until you felt the time was right to reveal them. As October draws to a close, the time to do so could be ideal.
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