Gemini Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 15

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Freedom does appear to exist where you might believe you have no option other than to remain stuck. You know what you'd like to change with an arrangement or commitment but could feel beholden to someone who seems able to dictate how things will be. This could be made clearer if lines of communication were widened more than they are with this person. They could be dreading a conversation with you that you can easily put their mind at rest about. How do you reach your full relationship potential? Learn to relate to people close to you you. Discover the true nature of your relationships.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 11 October
Somewhere in your world this week, you might be aware of how increasingly stronger an urge to speak your mind becomes. Fortunately, this process could be made much more manageable due to you and a certain person being on a more similar wavelength than you might have been previously. Some level of intellectual connecting or bonding is on offer but, to make the most of this opportunity, you'll need to stop for a moment and assess how you can convey what you think or feel in ways that go beyond what's mundane or unimaginative. This is a time to be creative with any way or ways you choose to make a point. It's by adding a bit more imagination or flair to your message, whatever it might be, that someone is more likely to understand and accept it.

Monthly Horoscope for October
You have a 'breaking point.' So too, does someone else. However, this month, as Mercury enters intense and mysterious territory, not only could your communication become deeper or protracted, it could also be noticeably more probing. This could be due to you being extra-determined to 'get to the bottom' of a matter or bring it into the open. There's also a point to which you can expect someone to be understanding or cooperative, so don't push them too hard. The key to making significant communicative progress this month involves summoning plenty of kindness and sensitivity. Don't believe you'll appear weak or lose control of a situation by doing so.
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