Gemini Daily Horoscope – Sunday 30

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Anyone who has constructed towers from playing cards knows what level of delicate and precise moves are needed. Something in your world requires a similar level of focus as it becomes clear how doing it hastily simply isn't going to work. Small, carefully-timed moves bring much better results now. Undertaking something slowly and steadily has to take preference to seeing where 'winging it' takes you. Is the year you will find love ? How to make the best of your love-life.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 28 April
A greater level of importance could be placed on how you're seen in the eyes of others but not in a way that puts you at risk of becoming subservient or feeling inferior. You have something unique to offer and, for this to be recognized, you're going to have to invest some effort in highlighting your strengths. The good news is, those you're keen to influence are willing to accept and support your unique abilities. This week, they might just need reminding!

Monthly Horoscope for April
Here's a question for you: if you were given one dollar, pound, euro, yen or whatever your currency is and doubled the amount each day, how long would it take before you became a millionaire? The answer is 21 days. On day 20, you'll be at 500,000. We can be oblivious to how quickly situations become compounded. This month, a new level of momentum is working in your favor in some way. What you might have envisaged would take a considerable amount of time could surprise you. Be prepared to adjust a plan accordingly.
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