Gemini Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 11

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Have crystal ball sales ground to a halt because of freely-available apps these days? Perhaps, some app developers have found a way to make crystal ball-reading easier for everyone. Where a need on your part to gaze into the future exists now, you don't need to trust anything apart from a positive vision on offer. Giving your full focus to that, along with an unwavering belief that it's attainable, will bring what you need. Is your relationship a success? Find the best way to treat your partner and keep your love-life fresh.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 6 December
This week, as Mercury forms a tense link with Saturn and the Moon grows full in your sign, it's important to draw a conclusion based on personal, previous experience – not what someone tries to convince you of. Something from your past might need revisiting or re-examining and, to make a positive change or bring an improvement where one's needed, all you need to do is accept that there is something you don't know or know enough about. Something that occurred previously can help you identify this. Once you do that, then you'll begin to ask essential questions about something from your past that has confused you but can lead to a valuable discovery - and a potentially wonderful development.

Monthly Horoscope for December
This month, you could experience more than one instance of something similar to pieces of a puzzle falling into place. Where you have wanted answers or at least to gain a clear understanding of more than one situation that has confused or perplexed you, you look set to receive or experience both. However, what you discover or comes to light could require you to make some tricky decisions. Fortunately, you can trust that the options that feel right, are right.
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