Leo Daily Horoscope – Sunday 30

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Offering a 'take it or leave it' alternative to someone might cause you to appear insensitive or unhelpful but you know what works and what doesn't for you and this is something a certain person needs to be aware of. You're willing to assist or support but need to see evidence of an imbalanced arrangement becoming balanced. Gone are the days of investing considerable time in something that doesn't provide a justified reward. Your guide to successful dating, discover if this is your year to find love.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 28 April
Where you might have set very ambitious career-related aspirations, it could become clear these need reassessing and readjusting. The good news is, you're likely to feel more of a sense of relief than disappointment or dejection from doing so. Professional aspirations are about to be viewed in a more realistic light, bringing a timely boost to your confidence from knowing you're setting your sights on what you know you can deliver, rather than what you secretly hoped you'd deliver.

Monthly Horoscope for April
People speak about 'the end of an era'. It's sad many don't complete that saying with the words, 'and the beginning of a new one. As one finishes, another always commences but people don't always want to be seen to viewing the future optimistically lest they 'tempt fate'. In an area of your world, a situation, arrangement or connection that has been integral to your world for some time is coming to an end. This, as you'll soon see, is cause for celebration, not consolation and offers a new level of freedom where you've grown very used to a certain restriction.
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