Leo Daily Horoscope – Sunday 21

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More than one person appears willing to return a favor in some way, so push aside Leo pride and ask for help or support where you need it. It's also possible you could meet individuals who can help you take strides with a plan that might be progressing with tiny steps currently. You've scratched others' backs. Now it's time to have yours scratched. Might you be missing the best time to make a decision? Be more in control of your relationships and your emotions. Try personal Forecaster or free!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 19 January
Striving for perfection is admirable. We all do it, especially when we believe we're obliged to give our all to a situation, commitment or arrangement. However, all it can take sometimes is a small indication of what's less than perfect to cause us to believe our investment of effort isn't enough to make the difference we want to make. This week, be prepared to discover how far from perfect something is in an area of your world. However, also be prepared to discover how much potential exists to improve it in a way you'll soon be delighted with.

Monthly Horoscope for January
There can be a fine line sometimes between determination and stubbornness. The same applies to persistence and inflexibility. Events this month will require you to be more flexible or at least willing to bend a rule or two that you've adhered to diligently and passionately. There might have been a time when it was necessary to do so, but a shift in circumstances this month will encourage you to assess – honestly – your reasons for clinging so tightly to a particular system or methodology. It's time to regain control over a routine that has controlled you for too long.
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