Leo Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 18

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Your mind could conjure solutions at a rate of knots at this time. However, it could be easy to apply what worked in the past to a challenge facing you now that requires a bit more innovation or creativity. Although there may be similarities between a previous episode and what you're dealing with now, you can't automatically assume that you have a ready-made answer or solution. You have a chance to be cleverer than that. Take your time to find that square peg that fits into that square hole snugly. What have you created as a couple is a separate entity. Find out what it would be like if and when you become even more involved.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 June
This week, it's important that you don't allow others' expectations to limit or restrict how you express yourself – creatively or romantically. As the adventurous Full Moon influences love and creativity, you have a chance to leave behind a recent disappointment and focus more intently on whatever you want to experience more of in your life. However, as keen as you may be to seek others' ideas about your ambitious plans, ultimately, they're your business and nobody else's. Your pursuit of pleasure is likely to be productive if you're willing to address your deeper emotional needs. It could become obvious that you have many ways to channel your signature creativity, and, this week, all you need to do is find one that works best for you.

Monthly Horoscope for June
We know what's meant by the saying about 'striking' while 'the iron is hot.' You're likely blessed an ability to seize opportunities immediately and probably cross certain finish lines first by doing so. However, this month, it's important that you see patience as the virtue it is rather than a curse. As keen as you might be to take immediate action or a significant stride with an important goal or aspiration, whatever-it-is can benefit from a less hasty and more structured approach. If you're determined to take action this month, remember that patience is an action, too!
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