Leo Daily Horoscope – Thursday 25

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We can all be inclined to 'fight fire with fire' or react aggressively to negative circumstances. We know this invariably results in increasing the size and strength of an inferno - or confrontation. As tempted as you may be to 'give as good as you get' in some way, consider how unhelpful that response will be. A better result can be achieved by trusting what you know to be a more considerate or sensitive approach. Do you have a successful relationship? Discover exactly what attracts a partner and helps them remain interested.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 19 April
A Sun/Neptune link urges you to separate facts from fantasy, otherwise, you could be at risk of being seen as unrealistic or having an inaccurate grasp of what you claim to be so certain of. If there's something you don't know, then hold your hand up and say so, rather than defend a point for the sake of it. Much could be distorted this week and the more realistic, pragmatic, and grounded you can be, the less stress you'll likely experience.

Monthly Horoscope for April
This month boosts your excitement levels as you spot the potential for fun and sweet experiences. This is reinforced by the New Moon on the 5th influencing lofty ideas and mind-broadening possibilities. Mercury provides further support from the 17th and although your faith and optimism in your abilities are justified, you could become anxious if changes don't occur fast enough so summon plenty of patience. The Full Moon on the 19th brings closure to what has felt mundane or tedious, but you'll need to be prepared for the pace of life to pick up considerably. You could have an increasing number of people to placate - and they're counting on you to deliver.
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