Leo Daily Horoscope – Friday 14

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If you find yourself assessing, layer upon layer, certain beliefs or attitudes instilled within you as far back as childhood, then that's good news. This is a time when you release more than one outdated idea or ideal and a clear sign that you're evolving as a human being. Some people go lifetimes without experiencing this process. Yours has a cosmic blessing. Embrace it. How do you reach your full relationship potential? Learn to relate to people close to you you. Discover the true nature of your relationships.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 December
This week, it could be helpful and timely to assess what your efforts have brought you recently in a particular area. You appear to have a reason to feel confident and optimistic about where a certain plan, idea or project is heading but it might be the fact that it's heading a certain direction and hasn't arrived there that could deflate you. Try not to see a certain plan as failing or falling short of your expectations. There could be momentum you've created that's invisible. Give it a chance to reveal the true value of what your efforts have brought.

Monthly Horoscope for December
Events this month could be focused largely around love, romance, fun, the finer things in life, and your creativity. A brilliant New Moon on the 7th influences all the above, so take your pick where embarking upon a new and potentially thrilling new beginning is concerned. If you want deeper levels of love and affection in your world, then both are on offer during the coming weeks. If communication with family members has been erratic or sporadic, then you could see a noticeable improvement after December 6. A Full Moon on December 22 could heighten your emotions or sense of vulnerability. However, it could also be integral to you moving on from fears or anxieties connected to your domestic set-up or a family matter. Focusing on the relief that comes from what occurs rather than the upheaval or discomfort it brings will make it more manageable.
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