Leo Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 14

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Are you wise to trust your eyes where certain circumstances are concerned? There could be no harm in doing so, especially if your instincts give the nod toward you seeing something accurately. Allow clarity coming your way to help remove more than one overdue doubt. Then, see how a proverbial red light turns to green. What opportunities await you? Read what your personal Forecaster says./a>

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Monthly Horoscope for April
Everybody experiences, at times, best-laid plans that go awry. Although an out of the blue or unexpected development could require you to 'think on your feet,' you'll likely spot the advantageous position it puts you in. You could find assumptions or rigid expectations you had regarding how something would 'pan out' or progress will mean rethinking or readjusting an important strategy. But you probably won't mind having to do this!
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