Leo Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 22

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If more than one person agrees with a point we make, then that suggests it has some validity. Some will understand what they've agreed with. Others, well, they did so because it seemed safer to agree with whatever others were agreeing to! That path of least resistance Is unlikely to interest you now. You know why you're adopting a different stance to others - and can trust that you're right to do so. How two people get on? It's important to discover the nature of the partnership you have created together. Look now.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 17 January
This week, as the Sun links with Neptune, potent energy adds fuel to a fantasy. The one you're likely to entertain could involve you having an inflated or exaggerated idea about a particular matter. The more closely you look at it, the more of an issue it could appear to be, and you could start to view it fearfully. That's why it's important that you don't allow yourself to get caught up in a repetitive loop of anxiety, doubt, or pessimism. Events this week could confirm that you have an unrealistic grasp of this issue and, fortunately, that kind of enlightenment is something you can - and should - be grateful for.

Monthly Horoscope for January
Work and career matters receive considerable focus, possibly due to the significant and far-reaching changes coming your way this month. Although much could feel tense and frustrating at times, it's essential to accept that, despite any plans that change or whatever or whoever you must release to make yearned-for professional progress, you're putting in place foundations that promise to be much more stable. Rather than prime yourself for or become frustrated by what you lose, trust that a reassuring gain - or new direction you head toward as a result - will replace it. Expect to end the month feeling much more inspired about your professional position.
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