Leo Daily Horoscope – Thursday 18

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There might have been benefits to tackling something on your own, but you could be reminded of how many hands can make light work, and two heads can be better than one. Recent events have hopefully made clear how you have support from certain individuals now that seemed non-existent recently. It should also be clear that an idea you believed would be dismissed as ridiculous is finally gaining support. Be the leader they're looking to you to be. Want to help take your study of astrology further? Learn more about your own chart and character it represents? Discover more now!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 12 October
Your passionate qualities are matched by equally strong generosity. You enjoy giving, and this is one of many traits that draw people toward you. Anyone who draws people their direction also tends to have strong leadership qualities, and these could play an important part in what transpires this week. You could be looked toward for advice and direction, and possibly by more than one person. You can offer both in an unbiased and honest way. To be the excellent leader or mediator you can be, all you need to do is dig deep into your reserves of empathy.

Monthly Horoscope for October
You can be a very forgiving so-and-so – but will you be willing to dig as deep as you might have to in order to forgive someone from your past? On the flip side, you might want to offer forgiveness to someone and have your hopes set on them asking for it. Either way, coming weeks could bring closure to one strained relationship from long ago. Fortunately, rays of sunshine permeate home and family-related plans and making one domestic dream become real could involve strict juggling of finances. A New Moon on October 8 influences communication, possibly involving a contract or something requiring negotiation. However, delaying any decisions or commitments until November 16 or after would be wise. A Full Moon on October 24 could alter the trajectory of your career. A sudden development could increase career-related responsibilities, but this might be something you'll welcome rather than resent!
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