Leo Daily Horoscope – Monday 19

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You could appear, in others' eyes, to solve problems effortlessly or identify solutions they are unlikely to have considered. You also have experience-based wisdom to draw upon at this time, even if this has been achieved from mistakes. However, the only mistake you might be at risk of making now surrounds putting too much faith in an incorrect assumption. Resist an urge to jump to an unfounded conclusion now. Relationship complications? Should you stay or should you go?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 August
Deciding we want something isn't enough. We must be prepared to invest the levels of patience and effort required to turn a vision into something real. When it comes to matters related to love and romance, well, things become a bit more complicated. This week, accept that heartwarming experiences you want to achieve won't necessarily come as a result of pursuing a strict or rigid plan. We know that love doesn't cooperate in such a way. It has its own agenda and won't be forced or hastened. Although your emotional world or a special connection could undoubtedly benefit from the ideas, planning, and levels of passion you're keen to invest toward either or both, it's important to know when too much is done. Something on offer that can truly touch your heart this week needs plenty of patience applied. Trust that it really is worth waiting for.

Monthly Horoscope for August
You have fantastic cosmic support this month that can put a well-deserved smile on your face, sexy spring in your step and make your heart beat faster. To say you're going to “feel the love“ during August is an understatement. The coming weeks offer an abundance of praise, affection, and lavishness that you're bound to adore. If you thought matters of the heart couldn't get any better, then the Full Moon on the 15th that influences relationships and commitments could bring a truly delightful surprise.
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