Libra Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 11

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There's an old saying that involves 'pouring oil on troubled waters.' It refers to settling a disagreement or dispute, usually with comforting words. Your use of words and a willingness to build a proverbial bridge with a particular person can reduce stress and tension, trying to manifest. What you give, you will receive. So, ensure that what you give is based entirely on honesty and sensitivity. Above all, don't underestimate the healing influence you can be for someone. What's your general attitude towards your career? Better understand your working life and potential success with a Career Potentail Package.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 6 December
As Venus links with Saturn, you'll need to be enthusiastic about and genuinely willing to appreciate the reality of a particular situation, and there could be a home or family connection with this. An obstacle is presenting itself during the coming days, but try not to misinterpret it as something insurmountable. Instead, try responding with a bit more humility. Try accepting it is as it is. As strange as it may sound, you could come to appreciate some of the factors in a situation or possibly domestic circumstances that you currently feel inclined to resent. There's a hidden blessing concealed somewhere, and with an open mind and positive approach, you'll spot it.

Monthly Horoscope for December
Have you ever been in a race and felt so fired up that you've launched yourself before the word 'go' was said? Similarly, during December, that's something to refrain from doing. You know what you want to get underway and why you prefer it happens sooner than later. However, one chapter must close before the one you want to commence can kick off. You have a chance during the coming weeks to put essential foundations in place. Trust that you'll be grateful for having had the chance to do so, even if the process takes longer than you wish it did.
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