Libra Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 28

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We can all be skilled at times at predicting particular outcomes. For example, if two teams compete, history can dictate who the winner is most likely to be. But we're also open-minded enough to accept that anything can happen to create a surprising or unexpected result. Your cosmic mission now involves balancing confidence with open-mindedness. Expecting the unexpected is a safe option - and wise. What are your real talents, creative skills and financial abilities?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 23 October
This week's link between Venus and Saturn offers a deeper level of bonding, stability, and a chance to remove stress from any equation and focus on helpful and timely solutions. There appears to be a deeper level of mutual respect between you and someone. So allow this to help both of you to focus on practical actions that bring sensible outcomes. Even if it feels as if you're taking a risk, trust that it's grounded in logic and can have far-reaching, long-term implications.

Monthly Horoscope for October
On the 1st, a Full Moon affects partnerships and commitments. Emotions could run high regarding the role you play in someone's life or possibly a business-related partnership. But try to refrain from making any decisions until after the New Moon in your sign on the 16th. This brings a clean slate or new beginning where you want one. The second Full Moon on the 31st urges you to 'expect the unexpected' where money that isn't connected to your earnings is concerned. So, resist making large or extravagant purchases until this event confirms where you stand.
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