Libra Daily Horoscope – Friday 15

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It can be frustrating to receive little or no recognition or praise for offering support or stepping in to save a situation. But this isn't always due to a lack of gratitude from others. They could think plenty but say nothing. It could also be a symptom of them having faith in your ability to 'do the right thing.' It's worth considering that before you allow any resentment to set in regarding assistance you offer. Discover the secrets of real passion and a better relationship.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 15 January
This week brings a slightly tense link between Jupiter, influencing love, romance, creativity, heartfelt expression, and Uranus, casting its influence over 'deep sharing.' Jupiter inflates or exaggerates. Uranus loves to spring surprises. Allow yourself to be intrigued by what appears unusual, unorthodox, or offers a sense of freedom and excitement. But also be aware of how you could apply unhealthy focus on what could be one or two reckless ideas or plans as well!

Monthly Horoscope for January
From the 8th, Venus works magic with your emotional foundations. This brings a harmonious vibe to make you feel stable and secure, particularly within your home and family. A New Moon on the 13th provides a fresh start with a special relationship or something on the domestic front. If you're not relocating physically, your abode could benefit from a new level of warmth and comfort. It could be your place that others want to hang out in, social rules permitting, of course.
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