Libra Daily Horoscope – Monday 19

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It would be helpful if you shifted your attitude toward what seems urgent to see it as the simple thing it is. Reassurance can come from choosing to rise above what you believe yourself to be inferior or beholden to. The upper hand is yours provided you don't allow an inflated view of something's complexity to cause you to believe the molehill you're dealing with is a mountain. What are the circumstances that helps or hinders your employment? Find out now!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 August
We can sometimes be oblivious to how overwhelming our enthusiasm can be, and that's something you might need to keep an eye on this week. You will likely be in no doubt about how passionately you feel about a particular idea or vision and can be certain that anybody you convey this to won't deny the levels of conviction you have toward it. What you might need to guard against is conveying this so strongly that you make it difficult, if not impossible, for anybody to connect with it in a way that inspires and motivates them. If you can find the necessary balance between your communicative enthusiasm and allowing enough gaps for others to understand what you're saying and offer their input, then you could find that you gain the understanding and possibly the support you want and need.

Monthly Horoscope for August
Prepare for a hectic month, especially socially. Your diary could be full with so much planetary activity boosting your popularity and pushing you to network and connect with many different folk. However, any party animal tendencies could diminish after August 18. You're encouraged from then - and until October - to rest, recover and focus on your personal needs for a change. If it has been some time since you reacquainted yourself with yourself, then putting some distance between you and others could be helpful in more ways than one.
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