Libra Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 15

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What was it some adults or parents told us as a child about how to confront a bully? Even if we were shaking in our shoes, it was important to ensure we didn't let on that we were terrified of them! The way we convey ourselves to others in certain situations can gain us respect immediately sometimes. Where you might believe you're watched for a reaction, trust that you're probably right! Even if an idea or vision is more daunting than inspiring, tackle it bravely and confidently, and you'll succeed admirably. Do you make the most of your creative talents? Learn what you're capable of.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 11 October
This week, if you feel noticeably more optimistic toward a special relationship, then you look set to have numerous reasons to feel reassured that your optimism isn't misplaced. However, any fortuitous events that you experience regarding love, romance, intimacy, or self-expression in any way are probably due to you being more willing to explore options now than you have been in the past. You have superb cosmic support this week to form or strengthen at least one special connection. Once you discover the warmth, joy and boost your confidence that comes from feeling that matters of the heart are ticking along nicely or taken care of, then you could discover that at least one other area of your world improves as a result.

Monthly Horoscope for October
As grateful as a genie would be for being released from a lantern, nothing probably annoys him more than someone trying to be clever by asking for one hundred wishes when he offers to grant three. The wisher is told to narrow down their 'wish list.' Although the universe is unlikely to be as accommodating where numerous wishes of yours are concerned, you're encouraged to apply more focus to what matters most to you. Otherwise, you might be at risk of wanting too much, too soon. By spreading yourself too thinly, you could be at risk of allowing a unique opportunity to slip through your fingers. Be honest and discerning about what truly inspires you. Then, prepare to identify the steps needed to make it yours.
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