Libra Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 22

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Systems and protocols – a need exists for them, along with structure and hierarchies. However, those who create them often have no idea how obstructive or unhelpful each can be. We all experience a need to make progress that is hampered by someone who insists we must cross every 't' or dot every 'i.' Try to be patient where a need on your part to adhere to a seemingly complex or unhelpful rule is concerned. It's more flexible than it appears to be. How do you reach your full relationship potential? Learn to relate to people close to you you. Discover the true nature of your relationships.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 17 January
As Venus forms a slightly tense link with Saturn this week, you could become aware of particular restrictions that exist and possibly in more than one area of your world. You have a choice regarding how much you adhere or succumb to any restrictive influence but make a point of considering the benefits of pushing a boundary to see what happens. Don't convince yourself that just because something was or appeared impossible in the past that it doesn't offer potential now. Try to see any way or ways you're held back, inhibited, or hampered as a test of some kind because, with the right attitude and enough effort, you can pass this test – admirably!

Monthly Horoscope for January
There could be something 'seesaw-like' about the way career-related issues demand attention and how you must also give considerable focus to home or family-related matters this month. A Lunar Eclipse on January 10 could put you in a powerful spotlight for career achievement but might also highlight the fact that the time has come to move on to another profession that's more satisfying and inspiring. A new sense of responsibility also awaits regarding your family or domestic set-up. A family member, your abode, or anyone you share it with could require you to do a balancing act to keep both your professional life and emotional foundations stable. Fortunately, you're blessed with plenty of cosmic support this month to excel at doing so.
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