Pisces Daily Horoscope – Saturday 16

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Your eyes might see one side of a situation, but your intuition could demand you heed it as it spots something unobvious. However, whether your inner voice detects a problem waiting to happen or an essential improvement that needs to be made to something, you could struggle to convince someone of either or both if they believe all is picture-perfect. If all you can do is highlight the matter and leave the ball in someone's court to accept or reject it, then so be it. You won't need to say the words, 'I told you so' later. Discover the best time for you to take a chance. When to wait? When to move forwards?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 15 February
Mars influences thoughts and communication from this week until March 31, and your words are about to carry significantly more clout. With Mercury in your sign, you could have a constant stream of ideas that, with Mars offering support, could make any communications-related project a success. You might experience drama this week, possibly in the form of a power struggle with a friend, so apply your signature compassion and sensitivity to ensure things don't spiral out of control. A Full Moon influences commitments on Tuesday and could mark the start of something special with a business or personal relationship. Something between you and a certain person is about to be taken to a mutually agreeable, new level.

Monthly Horoscope for February
The cosmos encourages you to reflect upon actions you're considering, especially as a New Moon influences detachment and contemplation. It's also possible a surprise development causes you to step back and take proper stock of what your next move must be. Your ability to assess situations calmly and rationally could come in handy with a financial surprise around the 13th. On February 14, Mars influences thoughts, ideas, and communication until March 31. You have superb cosmic support to convey yourself passionately, especially with Mercury already boosting your ability to communicate clearly. A Full Moon shines a bright light on a commitment or partnership on February 19. Whether business-related or personal, a shared situation that has needed to move up a gear will likely do so at this time. Full Moons bring new chapters as well as closure, so whatever occurs can only result in progress made in some way.
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