Pisces Daily Horoscope – Sunday 25

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You might perceive money as being no object in some way but it could become clear that you're going to need to curb your spending and the cosmos might bring this as a short, sharp reminder to guard against extravagance. That's not to say you can't splurge on a creature comfort if your finances allow it but try to find something practical or useful as opposed to something bought solely on a whim. Do you want to know what the planets have in store for you during the next twelve months? Try for free!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 23 June
Children enjoy using bumper rails when bowling. All they're concerned about is getting the ball to the end of the alley and are oblivious to how automatic railings facilitate this. When we use them, we're aware of how unfairly easy a process that is normally more complex becomes. Yet, we still take a sense of pride at watching all pins collapse. This week, you're being granted help or support you might, out of pride, refuse normally. If it creates the desired result, then accept it.

Monthly Horoscope for June
The cosmos appears determined to bring more fun and frivolity into your world and even if you make a concerted effort to ignore opportunities to enjoy yourself and experience an adventure or two, it's unlikely you'll manage to ignore them all. Your energy and stamina levels look set to improve to allow yourself to focus both on passionate or creative pursuits, whatever they might be! A Full Moon on the 9th brings some level of recognition on the career front. You might be inclined to play this down but don't - you've earned it!
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