Pisces Daily Horoscope – Sunday 21

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An area of your world that might have feel rudderless could come under closer scrutiny now. Although there can be no harm in being led by your imagination, a more solid plan could be needed. Professional recognition could arrive shortly, but it will be important to recognize how a pat on the back is only proof you're doing something right – and must continue with a plan that is clearly working. Learn how to successfully plan ahead, try your own free personal forecast.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 19 January
We all need to have some level of expectations about the future. However, we can all struggle at times to strike a balance between what needs and deserves our attention and effort in the present with believing we're doing everything necessary to ensure a future outcome ticks all appropriate boxes. You're right to be focused as intently as you are on the future because at least one vision holds massive potential to become real. However, don't lose sight of what – or who - needs and deserves proper attention in the present.

Monthly Horoscope for January
Many people wish they were blessed with the powerful, intuitive abilities you possess. It probably took you beyond childhood before you realized not everyone was able to connect with their intuition in ways you can. You learned to trust it long ago, and this month, you'll be making superb use of it. You're right to reject what appears obvious in a situation or arrangement. What might appear unfamiliar or disconcerting at first will reveal its true potential if you're willing to trust what your inner voice is trying to get you to acknowledge.
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