Pisces Daily Horoscope – Friday 14

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If financial issues have raised their head during recent weeks, then things can finally improve. If an important plan has been sidelined due to uncertainty or instability related to finances, then you may soon be able to make up for lost time. Either someone wants in on your scheme, or you could discover you don't need as many funds as you thought to get it underway. Momentum is about to pick up so get ready to ride the wave! Career issues? Learn about earning money and ambitions, how you relate to people around you, plus Life Stages that help you make the most of events.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 December
If you need reassurance or proof of how loved, admired and respected you are, then reassurance and proof are coming. You might not be wanting dramatic levels of praise or recognition, especially for what you've done to relieve pressure in someone else's world. However, you do look set to feel reassured that your efforts and perseverance are moving something in the right direction. If certain people haven't appreciated your role in this, then they're about to.

Monthly Horoscope for December
Until December 2019, you have fantastic support from lucky Jupiter to take impressive strides in your career, and a glimpse into where your career is heading could coincide with the New Moon on December 7. This is a time to think bigger and bolder where career aspirations are concerned. A sentimental Full Moon on December 22 targets your love life, creativity or a child. It will likely become clear that there's something or someone you need to release or be less attached to now and in the future. Letting go might be emotional but, in your heart, you'll know why it's necessary. Trust that this is due to you evolving and that whatever gap is created, the cosmos has every intention of helping you to fill it with something or someone more appropriate.
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