Pisces Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 18

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If you believe that you're in a position to 'show somebody the ropes' in some way and they're a willing pupil, then you could be surprised at what you learn in the process. Whatever wisdom or experience you offer, you could find someone has something of value to offer in return. This learning process could be more valuable and far-reaching if you both accept that you're embarking upon a learning curve together. Discover important opportunities personal to you in the coming 12 months.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 June
This week, make a concerted effort to acknowledge - and follow - your heart. It has ideas worth heeding that can cultivate your dreams, even if they seem unrealistic. Fortunately, your idealism is your ticket to aiming a bit higher where at least one important aspiration is concerned. The Full Moon influences your career and professional standing, helping you to remain focused on objectives that can potentially gain you admiration or enhance your status in others' eyes. With the imagination you're blessed with, it's important to allow it complete freedom to roam this week – and then see what it comes back with!

Monthly Horoscope for June
We might not be able to identify or connect with some confusing emotions but tend to connect instantly with feelings of insecurity or anxiety. Both also feel strongest when we're in the throes of change and trying to adjust to it. Fortunately, once we accept and embrace what has changed, we often reduce the lifespan of both. This month, you could be prone to enhanced feelings of self-doubt or uncertainty but it's important to accept how in control of both you are. As positive developments offer a valid reason to feel more reassured and secure, you'll be able to banish feelings of angst or restlessness before they get a chance to take root.
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