Pisces Daily Horoscope – Saturday 23

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Progress in an area of your world relies on you dropping a barrier. You might have allowed yourself to become defensive toward a certain situation or individual where you ought to be more accommodating or flexible. History might dictate why you feel the way you do, but current circumstances require you to 'upgrade' your thinking. Reasons you believe are valid for any defensiveness are likely unfounded. Try dismissing them and see what happens. Your priorities are focussed, and you experience your life journey as something already organized. Find our more.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 22 June
As June draws to a close, you might feel your energy levels decreasing. This is due to Mars commencing a two-month slumber and encouraging you to become more introspective and keen to look within yourself in ways you haven't done for some time. How you've been applying your personal qualities to pursue and achieve goals needs assessing. You could be drawn toward physical, mental, or spiritual healing, especially if you've suppressed unresolved anger or pain. From this week until the end of August, you're likely to look within yourself for answers that hold the key to enjoying life at a more spiritual level and can heal pain that has simmered deep within you for too long.

Monthly Horoscope for June
Your focus is likely to be on home and family matters until the middle of the month, and you could start to see lines of communication improving on the family front. With Venus influencing your work and daily routines from June 13, expect a greater sense of harmony and teamwork with colleagues or employees. For some Pisceans, an office romance isn't out of the question, either. Neither is finding love in the last places you'd probably look for it, such as doctors' or dentists' waiting rooms, with someone you see but have never spoken with on the way to work or anywhere connected with health or fitness. If you're a single Piscean, then take your pick! By the end of June, you could feel your energy levels dip, making you more introspective and internal. A two-month period of 'you time' might seem like an age but will be enormously helpful and inspiring when considering how to pursue a goal or two.
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