Pisces Daily Horoscope – Thursday 18

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Something helpful can occur by removing superficiality from a relationship or arrangement. Where you and someone might have been going through the motions of agreeing with each other for the sake of keeping the peace, something genuine looks set to replace what has been contrived or trivial. An agreement can then be based on genuine mutual respect, understanding and seeing the reality of a shared situation. Are astrological events going to affect your chart? Find out with Predictor. Try for free first!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 12 October
Variety, we know, is the spice of life. Sometimes, 'spice' can turn something otherwise bland into some delicious or spectacular. You might experience tension in a close relationship this week but rather than focus on what's frustrating about it, focus instead on how it's keeping things interesting and buoyant. A bit of tension can be perfect for clearing the air or allowing both sides to release concealed thoughts or feelings. A bit of drama could end up bringing a heartwarming result.

Monthly Horoscope for October
Events during October might feel as if you're grabbed by the collar to accept numerous truths. Coming weeks will be a time when your perspective and beliefs alter - physically, emotionally and even spiritually. What you discover about yourself might feel like a cold shower, but sometimes, when we experience intense heat, a cold shower can be rejuvenating! From October 5 until November 16, Venus is retrograde. This will push you to be brutally honest with yourself and possibly someone else about what you need from a relationship. You're no longer happy keeping quiet or ignoring where you're unfulfilled. You're capable of taking a lover to new emotional depths – but before you can experience deep, intense love with someone else, you must learn to love yourself. Expect some delightful revelations where that's concerned.
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