Pisces Daily Horoscope – Thursday 25

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Imagine being given a gift and believing it to be necessary and appropriate to ask umpteen questions about where the gift came from, its cost, whether it complies with labor or manufacturing standards or if the design or packaging could be improved. The giver would have a good reason to feel less inclined to offer a gift to you in the future! The cosmos is giving you a helpful and timely gift now. Just accept it. Trust that it has been carefully chosen for you. Don't question it. Career issues? Learn about earning money and ambitions, how you relate to people around you, plus Life Stages that help you make the most of events.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 19 April
Think of how the power of suggestion makes many horror films more terrifying. Our imaginations can come up with something far scarier than what any film director can create. You're blessed with an amazing imagination but it could cause you to see a situation in an unfairly negative light. If it's a fearful fantasy that preoccupies your mind this week, then ignore it and tell your imagination to focus on the many more sensible, inspiring visions the sky insists you can conjure!

Monthly Horoscope for April
The month kicks off with a New Moon highlighting your self-worth, and if you've put more consideration into your valuables than your values, then this could become clear at this time. Be willing to reassess your priorities and don't believe your wealth is determined solely by what you earn or own. Jupiter commences a four-month rewind affecting your career, reputation, and professional standing. This isn't an ideal time to start a new job so focus instead on preparing career-related changes you wish to make and, if at all possible, wait until Jupiter goes direct in August before implementing them. A Full Moon on the 19th helps you to gain a feeling of inner security from confronting awkward or painful emotional issues - and offers a chance to finally resolve them.
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