Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 22

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'Should I stay, or should I go?' The lyrics from The Clash song might be relevant to you now. You may or may not be considering a physical move but appear to be in the throes of deliberating a step of some kind. What help do you need with your decision? What if an answer arrived that made clear what you must do? For that to happen, allow yourself to be guided by what you know, in your heart, feels right. There's your answer. What's your general attitude towards your career? Better understand your working life and potential success with a Career Potentail Package.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 17 January
This week, as Venus links with Jupiter, the level of support and recognition you stand to receive from others could be integral to you seeing particular difficulties or a cause for concern in a new perspective. Where you may have felt like a small cog in a big machine in others' worlds, you could discover how influential you are and helpful you can be. And the really interesting thing about assisting or supporting others in the way you're encouraged to during the coming days is, you look set to address or resolve an important matter of your own by doing so.

Monthly Horoscope for January
Divorces and debts are apparently two things that escalate noticeably at the start of every year. For some Sagittarians, it might be necessary to deal with both, but it's probably more likely to be money matters that preoccupy your thoughts or take up considerable time during the coming weeks. You might need to be extra clever and resourceful when dealing with anything related to money, debts, taxes or inheritances. Should one source of income be removed, then another level of cleverness will need to be applied to replace it. However, that's pretty much the theme of January - how resourceful you can be when you have to be and able you are to 'think on your feet financially' when tested to do so. New and innovative ways to make and save money are on offer and all you have to do is be willing to spot and seize them.
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