Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – Monday 19

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You appear able to summon necessary levels of patience toward an idea or plan. However, if you sense there are limits to how involved you can be with it, then you might feel you have no choice other than to watch from the sidelines. Soon, you'll see proof that your faith has not been misplaced. If this isn't evident yet, then you might need to dip into your patience reserves. Something might be moving slowly, but you can trust that it is moving. Relationship complications? Should you stay or should you go?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 16 August
This week, it's important that you adopt a very open mind. Try to give all your ideas fair consideration. Don't be quick to dismiss some as irrelevant or insignificant in favor of others. Those that you feel passionate about will be easy to identify. However, it could be those that wave subtly in the background that deserve just as much, if not more, attention. What your mind conjures this week can form the basis of genuine, solid reasons for you to feel optimistic and enthusiastic. Opening it to all the possibilities on offer will, undoubtedly, ensure that you feel inspired and motivated in many necessary and potentially delightful ways.

Monthly Horoscope for August
This month, you're likely to be aware of how momentum picks up in ways that you might have struggled to achieve since April. You could have found that giving a 110% effort resulted in very few, if any, impressive results. That's about to change from August 11. The pace won't pick up overnight, but you will certainly be aware of an increase in opportunities that come your way and how much easier it is to seize and run with them. Your lost mojo is not only about to be found; it's about to be revived and restored wonderfully!
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