Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 7

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Many actions appear insignificant but can have a significant impact on others. These can range from holding a door open for someone through to one selfless act that results in a delighted and emotional response from them. If you're presented with a chance to touch someone's heart, then seize it. It will touch you as well. So play it safe. Ensure all your gestures are altruistic. What's the secret of a better relationship? What is true love? Find our more.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 3 July
This week brings a slightly tense link between Venus and Jupiter. The message it encourages you to consider is along the lines of not getting too carried away. Somehow, somewhere a balance is needed between overconfidence and realism. You have a good reason to feel confident and optimistic. That's fine as long as you keep both feet on the ground where an important goal or aspiration is concerned. Allow yourself to be fired up about what you want to make happen. Just make sure to apply a sprinkle of realism regarding the timescales involved.

Monthly Horoscope for July
You could be aware of one door closing while another opens. A source of income you've relied on could alter drastically or come to an end on or around the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th. Be prepared to deal with upheaval and a brief period of insecurity that accompanies this. But don't lose sight of how you're encouraged to be more imaginative and resourceful. Whatever comes to a close urges you to explore an opportunity begging for attention. It might take until after the 20th before you spot this, but you can trust that it will arrive.
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