Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 24

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It would be helpful if your brain could filter or separate wonderful and feasible ideas from those that need putting to one side or ignored. You could believe every idea that dawns on you holds a golden nugget you're looking for. Trying to make every idea real will soon have you spreading yourself too thinly. Try to prioritize your mind's creations regarding their ability to inspire. One, in particular, is growing in strength. Do you have a successful relationship? Discover exactly what attracts a partner and helps them remain interested.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 October
Words of advice or support coming from certain quarters this week are well-intended. However, it appears certain people need more faith in your ability to see a plan through to completion on your own. What you're putting in place appears to affect you in the first instance more than anyone else. Therefore, it needs to be done to your exact specifications. This week, you'll need to balance taking others' opinions on board with continuing to do something your way.

Monthly Horoscope for October
Every Sagittarian will have their own story to tell about how the Full Moon in Aries affects them on or around the 5th. For many Archers, it highlights a love life matter and could bring the end to an involvement. A creative plan or project could be shelved, possibly due to an issue surrounding money. Other Centaurs could discover something connected with a child to be too costly. However, Venus brings relief by making you more attractive and in demand socially. The New Moon on the 19th marks the start of something spectacular if you're willing to interact and make yourself known. If you're a single Sagittarian looking for love, then it can happen this month!
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