Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – Sunday 30

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We tend to dislike our attention being drawn far away from where we believe it should be focused. This can be infuriating as we strive to complete what needs completing in between one distraction after another demanding attention. That's why it would be helpful for you to smile and be as accommodating and flexible as possible. A very good reason is likely to exist surrounding why you're attention is being diverted. Try to recognize it. How two people get on? It's important to discover the nature of the partnership you have created together. Look now.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 28 April
In at least one area of your world, you've felt you've lacked certain knowledge or experience that certain others appear to rely on you for. It's your 'service to others' that receives special focus this week but, particularly, ways in which you're about to be realistic with yourself and them about what you're able to deliver or commit to and where weaknesses or shortfalls exist. At least one person needs to know you're not superhuman and that's a message the cosmos appears to assist with this week.

Monthly Horoscope for April
Are you a small cog in a big machine? Given that there are over seven billion of us on the spinning rock we inhabit, we can all feel insignificant if we choose to focus on feeling such a way. Yet, we know we're all unique in our own ways and it's your uniqueness that can play a helpful – if not integral – part in a master plan. You might have been overlooking the unique contribution you can make in a particular area. This hasn't helped certain others to recognize it, either. This month, you find a way to stand out from the crowd in a way that brings recognition and respect.
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