Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – Sunday 25

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Letting bygones be bygones where a certain person is concerned might be easier said than done but it's definitely not impossible to bring closure to one long, drawn-out saga. Money or some material issue could be at the root of this and despite what you might believe, someone intends to make good on a promise made long ago. There's just a bit of negotiating to be done first. Is there a certain person you want to be closer to? Find out more about them and how astrologically compatible you are. Try for free.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 23 June
How many times can a piece of paper be folded? Answers seem to vary from between 7 and 12 times. Apart from trying it ourselves to see what the answer is, the question is a largely pointless and irrelevant one. The same can be said about an issue you're especially keen to dissect and analyze. This week, there are limits to how much you stand to gain by focusing intense levels of attention on something that has already provided you with an answer.

Monthly Horoscope for June
A certain issue you might have struggled to make sense of recently could be brought into the open, warts and all, around the Full Moon in your sign on the 9th. This could be connected with your home or family and as difficult as it might be to accept a certain truth, you'll know doing so is the key to freedom you want and need. Just as finances become a bone of contention, a development at work arrives, bringing relief and boosting your optimism and confidence levels.
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