Scorpio Daily Horoscope – Friday 14

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If you've felt you've had to toe the line or adhere to rules enforced by others, then a respite is imminent. You're about to gain a clearer understanding of who truly has your best interests at heart and is on your side. Anyone who thinks they know you better than you know yourself is about to be in no doubt about how mistaken they are to think such a way, too. Identify the best moment for that important decision.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 December
A situation that has ticked along comfortably and predictably could show signs of heading off in a different direction this week. Should this happen, then try not to read too many warning signs into it. The fact it's changing means it's evolving, and this is something to be receptive to or embrace rather than be defensive toward. Connect with the part of you that has, for some time, wanted to see a situation or arrangement change, regardless of any comfort that has come from it being predictable.

Monthly Horoscope for December
Venus returns to your sign on December 2, after a brief stint in Scorpio back in October. This time, the planet of love, comfort and creativity intends to work some real magic on your behalf until January 7, and your confidence, charisma, and powers of attraction will be intensified wonderfully. A New Moon on December 7 works alongside lucky Jupiter to boost your coffers and enhance your bank balance. Whether this is the result of a surprise opportunity or your recent focused efforts, the cosmos appears keen to bring greater financial stability and at one of the most expensive times of year! A Full Moon brings closure to a legal matter or something connected with 'broadening of your mind.' Education, studying, certification, travel or a social media project – they're all superbly starred, and a new chapter with one or all the above is about to commence.
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