Scorpio Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 18

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As easy as it could appear in your mind to get from A to B in a particular way or make progress with a cherished ambition, it could feel as if the universe deliberately puts numerous obstacles in your path. Rather than consider shortcuts or downsize an aspiration to help it to manifest more quickly, stick to the practical and methodical approach you adopted earlier this year. Despite appearances to the contrary, it's working well. What you perceive to be 'broken' probably doesn't need 'fixing.' All that's needed is a consistent effort. Struggling with a decision? Let your personal Career Analysis provide valuable insights.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 14 June
This week, collaboration is your ticket to feeling more productive and making daily tasks much enjoyable. Being straightforward and honest earns you the trust of others, but money-related matters could demand attention as the Full Moon influences your earnings, resources, and material status. What comes to light could reveal a need to cut back and possibly curtail any shopping sprees you have planned – at least until you adopt a bit more of a grounded or realistic attitude toward your income and outgoings. Although managing money requires plenty of discipline during the coming days, you'll be rewarded with healthier cash flow in the future.

Monthly Horoscope for June
Although we may struggle to bring changes or improvements where we yearn to experience both, we can always change our attitude toward what seems inflexible. This alone can be enough to help us to see a less than desirable situation in a new light and affect positively the way we approach it. That's something to bear in mind this month if you find yourself confronted with circumstances that seem more inhibiting or unhelpful than encouraging or constructive. You're only one small attitude adjustment away from turning them to your advantage.
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