Scorpio Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 15

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It could be easy to look at a confusing situation and be unable to see the proverbial 'wood for trees' as the old saying goes. In other words, you could be so close to a matter that you can't see an immediate solution waiting to be discovered. Fortunately, that could be where a certain person comes in. They could see something you can't and can also identify a sensible and helpful step you can take. Allow them to provide useful input that could make something complex appear infinitely easier. Do you want know your childs potential in life? Get confirmation of a childs most distinctive characteristics and abilities.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 11 October
As Jupiter links with Pluto this week, it could become apparent that you've been determined to protect yourself from a situation you perceive to be potentially threatening. This may have created valid reasons in your mind to build an emotional fortress intended to protect you from potential problems, but the same barrier prevents much of what you need in your world from entering. That's why you must lower an emotional drawbridge and have absolute confidence in the fact that whoever or whatever you invite into your world will be more of a source of comfort than anything you should r protect yourself from. If you need proof or reminding of the fact that the more you give, the more you will receive, then events this week could provide both.

Monthly Horoscope for October
October is not a month to look backward and focus intently on what you'd change if you had the chance to do so. Since April, you've reflected and considered the progress you'd like to make, but might have felt that making it was on par with wading through waist-high, wet concrete. Although you'll likely experience an array of ingenious ideas and a noticeable increase in love and comfort during the coming weeks, it's Pluto's change of direction that heralds the start of a new and transformative chapter. From as early as October 3, you could apply lessons learned and insights gained during recent months to create a future that truly inspires you. Then, prepare to be delighted at discovering how attainable it is.
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