Taurus Daily Horoscope – Thursday 18

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Before we had Internet connections on our mobile phones, many companies made a fortune from charging a small fee for questions texted to them. Although people can easily pop a question into a search engine now via their phones, they weren't able to do so then or didn't have immediate access to a computer. Nowadays, such companies probably aren't very busy. Where a question you have is concerned, you're armed with all you need to answer it yourself. Don't become focused on seeking others' input. It might be convenient, but it's not necessary. Profession, business life and ambition? Where do your talents fit best ? Get a Career Analysis to find out.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 12 October
We're reminded constantly that 'a little bit of what we fancy' or 'anything in moderation' is good or best for us. Yet, we're also aware of how we can never get 'too much of a good thing' in other ways. We have much available to us that is self-replenishing, such as empathy, sensitivity, compassion, tolerance, and generosity. You could be inclined to 'overindulge' in some way this week. It's possible to do it healthily, and this involves applying each of the above as much as possible!

Monthly Horoscope for October
With Venus embarking upon a deep slumber from October 5, it will be your committed relationships that are affected most until October 31. For some Taureans, this provides a perfect exit strategy for a toxic relationship. However, healthy relationships can deepen from this time of reflection and healing. All you need to do is address honestly any issues surrounding mistrust, betrayal or intimacy. Whether single or attached, a partnership might need to hit rock bottom before it can emerge stronger and revived. A Full Moon in your sign on October 24 puts the spotlight, quite literally, on you. Something amazing waits to be discovered about yourself. With your confidence receiving a fantastic boost, October is an anything-can-happen month!
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