Taurus Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 14

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You're probably aware of where a drama was waiting to happen. But that can be a bit like bending a stick and predicting precisely the point at which it will break. Nonetheless, the fact that you could think a few steps ahead to anticipate chaos puts you in an advantageous position. You could now deal with whatever-it-is more swiftly and easily as a result. How do you match up with your partner? A Relationship Success reading helps you find out!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 9 April
This week's connection between your ruling planet Venus and Jupiter offers comfort on many levels. You're likely to find that certain people become more appreciative of your abilities, which is bound to bring a fantastic boost to your confidence. You're on a path that can take you toward achieving an important ambition. But the first step involves making sure that certain others know what you can do or are in a position to contribute. That important step can be taken this week.

Monthly Horoscope for April
April looks set to be a decisive and pivotal month. But having Venus in your sign from the 14th will act as a comforting cushion as you ponder future possibilities. You could feel ready to change several aspects of your world. But the universe seems to think that the first place to look is in the mirror. Before you bring any changes externally, you're encouraged to release emotional baggage and self-created obstacles holding you back from achieving what your heart yearns to experience. Do both and see how liberated you feel!
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