Taurus Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 24

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There's always something reassuring about looking at what someone has achieved that we want to achieve. The fact they've done so means what we're keen to make happen, can happen. This can be helpful and inspiring. That's why you're wise to assess a position someone else is in that you want to be in. Achieving the same level of success is more than a possibility. What are the options that are avalable to you? Get your in depth psychological profile.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 October
All too often, we see 'light at the end of a tunnel' as proverbial trains coming our direction. If we're to experience a real, tangible sense of hope, then we don't want subtle hints or have to decipher cryptic clues. We want to know our efforts can result in something we can feel truly positive and optimistic about. We need to know faith levels aren't misplaced. This week, the cosmos is offering you a glimmer of hope. The more you make an effort to embrace it, the stronger it will become.

Monthly Horoscope for October
You might struggle this month to keep a secret. From as early as the 5th, it could become clear that you're going to have to 'spill the beans' in some way. The Full Moon that occurs on the 5th could also help to release you from a burden you've shouldered quietly on your own. During mid-October, your ruler, Venus, influences health matters and self-improvement. Something work-related can captivate your attention – and your heart. One work-related development or opportunity could have you punching the air with delight!
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