Taurus Daily Horoscope – Sunday 25

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Your ability to improvise is about to come in handy as you manage to make something practically out of nothing or apply your resourcefulness in such a way that allows you to create or make available something lacking or missing in your world. Rather than wait for it to arrive whenever that might be, you have a chance to apply some imagination and creativity to get around the problem! Is love on the horizon? Find out if someone special is about to rappear on the scene.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 23 June
The coming week could bring a helpful and timely need to assess what motivates and inspires you about a certain situation, involvement or arrangement and what makes you cautious or even fearful of it. It's as if you're afraid to seize a wonderful opportunity through being fearful of what – or who – you'll gain from doing so. In a way that might feel safe, you're allowing the 'chase' to be more appealing than the 'catch'. Your heart knows precisely what your next move must be. This week, listen to its message.

Monthly Horoscope for June
If you've felt ignored or your input hasn't mattered to certain individuals recently, then coming weeks can change that. If there have been any negotiations you've delayed, then the period from the 4th until the 20th is perfect for stating your case. However, the biggest news surrounds Venus's arrival in your sign from the 6th until the 4th of July. Your powers of attraction will be boosted so use them wisely, especially if a new relationship is a possibility. Any changes to your wardrobe or appearance will be heavenly!
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