Taurus Daily Horoscope – Monday 23

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It might have taken some time for you to get to grips with certain confusing feelings or recent events. However, your 'take' on what you feel and how or why certain situations developed could be razor-sharp now. Talking with one or two confidantes can help you to not only convey an honest appraisal of what occurred but be even clearer in your mind about why embracing the future is more important now than it has been lately. What are you capable of achieving? Try for free.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 April
Knowledge, they say, is power. Sometimes, being blessed with 'power' through information coming to light that has been concealed doesn't necessarily mean we must wield it. When certain facts arise that shed new light on a situation or arrangement we thought we had an accurate measure of, then that can be the final piece of a puzzle that spurs us on to take the next step we've been unsure about taking. It's for that reason that you should welcome what you discover this week.

Monthly Horoscope for April
April could commence with noticeable pressure coming your way. This could be from within you as you reach a 'breaking point.' Alternatively, it could be due to a certain person testing your patience, forcing your hand in some way or leaving you with no option other than to release what has been bottled up. It might take until mid-month before you release your emotional avalanche, but, once you, do, a strong sense of relief will likely be felt. Venus will sweeten any plans involving people at a distance, travel or learning. Finally, a Full Moon on the 29th influences partnerships and commitments, bringing an end to one emotionally-intense saga.
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