Taurus Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 11

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It might be the effort you're investing toward certain individuals to receive a response of some kind that makes you wonder why such a constant or concerted effort is needed. But have you considered what might happen if you chose not to push or probe and waited to see what came your way? To receive whatever information or clarity you need, take a break. Give others a chance to come to you for a change. Do you truly understand children? Let a Child Gifts horoscope help you know more about a child's upbringing.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 6 December
This week, as Venus links with Neptune, a particular fact is emerging. There's likely something you feel about a person or possibly a situation that you could struggle to ignore. What you probably want, before taking any action, are facts. You would understandably prefer that your decisions were based on logic rather than hunches. That's why it's important to, during the coming days, trust what you feel rather than what you think. Acknowledge and respect what your hunches tell you because when the truth finally does reveal itself in whatever way it chooses to, then you'll be able to say with confidence and honesty that you knew it already!

Monthly Horoscope for December
We all know people who are 'responsibility magnets.' Even if they don't actively seek obligations, they somehow manage to shoulder more than other people do. This month, you could become aware of an increase in responsibilities coming your way. You might, understandably, become frustrated by this. Alternatively, you could see how these benefit you. Believe that there is a reassuring reward on offer for going above the call of duty and possibly in more than one way during the coming weeks.
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