Taurus Daily Horoscope – Saturday 16

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Trying to make sense of what you feel at this time could be tricky because you might be experiencing an unusual set of circumstances or find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Getting to grips with what's changing in your world isn't as easy as being able to pinpoint one specific development. However, rather than question or feel wary of any uncertainty or insecurity, accept that both are by-products of change. If you feel both now, then there's your proof that something has progressed - or is progressing - in your world. Discover major astrological aspects happening in the next 12 months. How will these affect you?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 15 February
If it has been some time since others saw how able you are to kick into gear or take action when necessary, then their jaws could drop now that passion planet Mars occupies your sign until March 31. You're about to experience a surge of energy to achieve almost anything you set your sights on, and failure won't be an option. However, it might be your love life that brings the most important and reassuring development this week. With a Full Moon influencing all things loved-up and romantic – and blessed with Mars passion – your heart could beat faster and in a way that brings a delightful new and thrilling chapter to one special connection or your love life generally.

Monthly Horoscope for February
You're in a superb position to take important and reassuring steps toward a cherished career-related aspiration. However, the progress you make is likely to be invisible, especially if you're extra-determined to keep your plans a secret. Good news related to career or a professional development could arrive as early as the 4th. What arises on or around the 13th could, again, require you to invest considerable effort toward a career plan or path, but without announcing to the world what you're up to. However, much becomes more transparent from the 14th once Mars enters your sign until March 31. Your determination will be obvious and leave others in no about what you're focusing it on. A Full Moon on February 19 influences romance and true love. If you thought your efforts to form or improve a love connection have been in vain recently, then expect to feel reassured - and delighted – by what transpires.
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