Virgo Daily Horoscope – Saturday 16

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You could feel pulled in two directions, and whether others' demands distract you from achieving simple tasks or plotting ambitious goals, you might need to step back quietly and do something your way and in your own time. You might also be aware that others gravitate toward you more out of habit than an actual need and reminding one or two people to think for themselves might be necessary. What are the most important upcoming astrological events you can benefit from?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 15 February
Mars has just started to influence future vision and mind expansion, and you'll be blessed with abundant energy to pursue learning and big ideas until March 31. You could feel noticeably more passionate about ideas or philosophies you believe in and won't hesitate to defend your views, either. However, affairs of the heart could become more of a priority, and it's the link Venus makes to Saturn and Pluto during coming days that could mark the start of something wonderful, whether you're single or attached. You also have a Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday, and this could bring an epiphany of some kind – and require you to assess one situation truthfully.

Monthly Horoscope for February
If you didn't quite manage to implement any New Year Resolutions last month, then the cosmos appears keen to assist you to get some underway during February. A New Moon on the 4th influences your work, daily routines and health and you're encouraged to consider changes you can bring to any or all of the above. The discipline you summon and apply could come in handy with an unexpected development on or around the 13th. This could be financial-related, but a one-off shock that you'll overcome or resolve without too much stress or tension involved. With Mars influencing distant horizons, faraway places and learning from the 14th until March 31, travel and mind-broadening experiences receive special focus. See what transpires between February 18 and 22 where your love life is concerned. With Venus, Saturn and Pluto involved, something big and potentially permanent could happen. Finally, a Full Moon in your sign on February 19 brings a reality check you'll be grateful for. It's time to accept the truth with something you've possibly viewed with rose-tinted glasses.
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