Virgo Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 7

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When someone offers help, we can feel they either cross a line, or we're delighted or relieved to receive it. Much depends on whether we want to be seen to need assistance. As skilled, talented, experienced, or resourceful as you undoubtedly are, you could use some help now and again. If you're willing to be receptive to receiving it now in a particular area, then it will arrive. What helps or hinders your ambition? A Career Analysis helps reveal your chances of success.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 3 July
Sometimes, we need reminding of the fact that a little bit of praise goes a long way. Perhaps, it's because so many people believe that a bit of recognition isn't worth offering that it doesn't get offered. The same can be said about loving words and gestures. We believe them to be more profound or far-reaching when said or made dramatically. But as Mercury links with Venus this week, expect not only to receive well-deserved praise but also to be reminded in no uncertain terms about how highly regarded and loved you are.

Monthly Horoscope for July
A new era commences from the 5th, where self-expression is concerned. For many Virgos, this marks the start of a powerful and far-reaching chapter with matters of the heart. Something may not simply shift to a new level. It could become more formal, set in stone, or permanent. But if you've been kidding yourself about what you need in terms of love, romance, and intimacy, then an unignorable revelation is in store. Either way, whatever changes or transforms will have been brewing for some time. But you're about to take a step in a reassuring and comforting direction.
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