Virgo Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 15

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An opportunity presenting itself might require you to take a risk on your own before anyone understands your objective. It might be up to you to venture into unknown territory before a valuable gain can be achieved. You know what you're doing and why you should feel confident about what you're about to focus your effort on. Go forward in the belief that you will not only succeed but set a fine example for others, as well. Each Planet changes House at regular intervals. Find out when this happens and how this might affect you.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 11 October
Where you may have felt deflated, disappointed, or reluctant to invest faith in a particular direction, you could also feel more aware that a hopeful time is approaching, during which something inspiring could lift your spirits enormously. You gained clarity not long ago with a confusing or unfamiliar matter, and a new level of transparency looks set to arrive. It might not provide all the answers you need to your most pressing questions, but you will feel more reassured about where to look for those answers in the future. For now, and during the coming days, allow your mind to be put at rest about a particular problem or issue due to you receiving more insights about it. These may have taken time to arrive, but you can be certain it's not too late to benefit from them.

Monthly Horoscope for October
'All will be revealed in time.' When we hear such words, we can feel intrigued and frustrated. Something we're keen to establish in the present is at the mercy of someone deciding when, in the future, we can be privy to this information. However, this month, you're likely to have to summon patience to gain particular knowledge or insight. This might be frustrating due to you receiving a glimpse into what could be on offer or within your grasp. As a situation progresses, you will not only receive during the coming weeks the information you've waited patiently for but could also discover that what comes your way transforms a rigid opinion or attitude you had regarding it.
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