Virgo Daily Horoscope – Tuesday 24

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You could be your harshest critic where your achievements are concerned. Don't overlook or underestimate what your efforts have brought you so far. You could look at your current situation and believe you made a wrong decision or didn't seize an opportunity when you should have. Others are on their personal journeys; you're on yours. Your story has a fantastic development waiting for the right chance to present itself. It's being patient so try to be the same. Discover new talents waiting to be awakened. Get 3 readings for the price of 2!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 October
Before you punch the air with delight having had an epiphany or a Eureka Moment, be willing to assess how sensible or practical your vision is. What you might be seeing as inspiring and motivating in your mind could prove to be impractical once you assess it more closely. Don't give up at this hurdle, though. If you're willing to consider all other possibilities this week, you'll soon arrive at one option that does have potential to bring an improvement where you want one.

Monthly Horoscope for October
Finances and money matters will require much focus this month. There could be numerous, sudden demands on your income and at least one financial plan will need reassessing or revising. An investment could prove costlier than you anticipated. You could also receive a bill that makes your jaw drop. However, once the Full Moon on the 5th wanes, the financial picture becomes clearer and more manageable. Fortunately, Venus influences your earned income sector, providing a financial cushion where you need it. You could discover a new source of income from teaching or training in some way. Explore creative ways to boost your income, because the sky insists they exist!
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