Virgo Daily Horoscope – Wednesday 11

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You could bear the brunt of someone's indecision but try to look closely at how this might benefit you. By taking their time to decide in the way they are, it puts you in a stronger position to be more prepared than you would have been otherwise. Soon, both you and this person will be on the same proverbial page. Just be willing to be patient and supportive for a little bit longer. How two people get on? It's important to discover the nature of the partnership you have created together. Look now.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 6 December
As Mercury links with Chiron this week, you're able to strip away anything superfluous with your communication and convey yourself with crystal clarity. If you sense a need to open up or seek comfort or healing yourself from someone, then you could find that adopting a more open and flexible mind toward any suppressed issue helps you see it from a more realistic perspective. This can make it easier for them to not only view your issue objectively but offer the advice or input that your head and heart need to hear.

Monthly Horoscope for December
Here we are, entering the season of goodwill. Perhaps, the best way to show it to others this month is to be your authentic self and nothing else. You're not obliged during the coming weeks to be a different person to different people. That's bound to be physically and emotionally draining. What you think and feel during December, you're likely to think and feel deeply. Trust that any openness or vulnerability on your part will be seen by others as an admirable sign of strength, not weakness.
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