Virgo Daily Horoscope – Monday 23

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You could be inclined to put a certain person on a proverbial pedestal. Although there's nothing particularly wrong with doing so, try to be clear about your reasons for holding them in such high regard. Apart from feeling pleased or proud with whatever they've done or are doing, it's possible you can learn something from them. Taking a leaf from their book can bring you a result you've wanted to achieve in a particular area for some time. What helps or hinders your ambition? A Career Analysis helps reveal your chances of success.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 April
If you've felt a certain person in your world has needed time and space to get to grips with a personal matter, then events this week could bring a reward for your patience and support. A connection could have been deepened in some way through your patient efforts, but it's important to recognize how this needs to be continue consistently. Sensing certain dark or stormy clouds are clearing could result in taking an impulsive step that could undo much of your hard work. This is a week of personal consolidation and not one for hasty action or risk-taking.

Monthly Horoscope for April
The month kicks off with a strong focus on affairs of the heart and all things loving and romantic. A brilliant link between Mars and Saturn sets the tone for the first two weeks. Mars is all about 'push, push, push' and 'go, go, go' while Saturn is all about 'holding your horses' and remembering patience is a virtue. The clean break or fresh start you want can happen, but you'll need to accept circumstances that are beyond your control and the need for patience. However, a reward for your patience arrives on the 15th, and a bond can deepen or reach a new level of intimacy. Venus influences your career from the 24th until May 19th, helping you to dazzle and impress bosses or potential clients. The month could finish with a nifty contract or agreement bring finalized, too.
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