Soul Profile – your unique motivation and psychology

Become more self-aware, in command, and make the most of your true potential with this analysis of your Birth Chart. View Soul Profile Sample

See how your qualities are clearly defined…

You see how the parts of your psyche – the good, the difficult and the uncertain – influence and relate to one another – revealing the true essence of your Soul.

See how the various parts of your psyche relate to one another, highlighting what is most important and valuable to you.

12 Chapters about your uniqueness highlighting what is most valuable to you...

How you appear to others, your personality together with your motivation and purpose in life plus what you need most and the emotional responses you are likely to make. Soul Profile continues with chapters on career and status, your powers of perception and your intellect.

How the various parts of your psyche relate to one another…

Your attractiveness as a person, as well as your self-assertiveness and sexual drive. Your overall awareness together with the lessons you have to learn and the responsibilities that you must face up to and undertake.

Importantly how you as an individual display your uniqueness, sensitivity as well as embrace your spirituality, together with your innate power and the areas in your life that you will find are most subject to change.


20+ pages all about you!

Destiny Revealed

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