Star Lovers – secrets of a better relationship

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Your relationship from each person's point of view with an overview for each lover…

Each lover’s relationship potential – What each of you require from a partnership – Personal needs in a loving sexual relationship – How each sees and experiences the other – Specific connections between you – The strength of your relationship – Any possible problems

Love Relationships - Spot the 'closeness' of your relationship…

The qualities you seek in a lover and in a love relationship. You may be attracted to different types of lovers who possess one or more of these qualities, but you are most likely to find true happiness with the one person who combines most or all of them.


Marriage partners and other close, one-to-one relationships. When love affairs shift to a partnership, the emphasis of the relationship changes, and is looked at in detail.

Sexual relationships…

With any relationship, there can be shared resources, partner’s resources, or sex. Here we deal solely with sex and determine sexual needs and the characteristics of sexual partners.


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